Townhouse Confidential Shooting in West Village

(released 8/13/2021)

TOWNHOUSE CONFIDENTIAL is a new romantic comedy film being shot in the West Village of NYC.

The film will have Samantha Simone (Blue Bloods), Lee Tyler (Bad Guru film collective), Jonas Barraca (Hightown) Joseph D'Onofio (Goodfellas), Danny Bolero (In The Heights), Ernest Pierce (Dance Flick), and Pepi Streiff (Broad City).

The film is the creation of Rosiland Resnick.  Resnick is a New York real estate investor, technology entrepreneur (NetCreations, 1995-2001) and a former Miami Herald reporter. Resnick published her novel inspired by Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice and her experience as a landlord for 20 years and a Greenwich Village townhouse owner. The film is being shot at her townhome in the Village as well as other iconic locations in the city including Magnolia Bakery, Little Branch bar, John’s Pizzeria and the Washington Square Diner among other spots. Resnick wrote the novel during the pandemic in August 2020 and adapted the novel to the screenplay being filmed currently.

When the three Perry sisters -- Elizabeth (Samantha Simone, who ices cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery), Lydia (Brittany Bennett, who works as a personal trainer at the Equinox gym) and Mary (Allison Wick, a reclusive blogger who chronicles the celebrity townhouse market) -- inherit a New York City townhouse from their Jane Austen-loving parents, the race is on to find a wealthy tenant to rent their garden apartment to cover their mortgage, taxes, and repairs. When their real estate broker Sophie Minetta (Pepi Streiff) introduces them to the handsome venture capitalist Jonathan Grove (Russell Sperberg), the sisters think their problems are over. But Jonathan's best friend turns out to be the rude and arrogant George Barrow (Lee Tyler), a modern-day Mr. Darcy who's plotting to turn their beloved West Village into a hedgefunder Disneyland of 50-foot-wide townhouses with spas, movie theaters and in-ground pools.

The drama builds as Liz receives a foreclosure notice from the bank and discovers that someone has stolen the checkbook for their home equity line of credit and drained $100,000 in equity out of their house. Was it Sleazy Sal Carmine (Joseph D'Onofrio), the married mortgage broker that Liz met online, or Tommy Leroy (Jonas Barranca), the womanizing handyman whose butt looks so good in his skinny jeans? And what about Jim Bedford (Cory Stonebrook), CEO and founder of, Lydia's new client at the gym? Now the sisters must scramble to raise the cash to save their home before they're forced to move to Brooklyn, Queens or -- heaven forbid! -- New Jersey.

Townhouse Confidential features a diverse multicultural and multigender cast reflective of Greenwich Village and its rich history as home to financiers and bohemians alike. "To see my story brought to life by such a talented cast and crew surpasses anything I could have dreamed of," Resnick said. "It is truly an honor to be part of this wonderful production."

Producing for Townhouse Confidential LLC are Lawrence Scott (From Mao to the Met) and Bob Shewchuk (Profit & Laws) with Patrick Perez Vidauri (In Other Words, Divorce Bait) directing from a script written by Resnick, the author of the novel Townhouse Confidential and the film's executive producer.

Here's some pics from set on Monday, August 9th.

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