Athena Film Festival Virtual Writers Lab

(released 5/25/2020)

The Athena Film Festival at Barnard College Virtual Writers Lab is open for submissions until June 1, 2020. The screen writers  lab is for emerging women writers who have not had a feature-length narrative script produced within the past ten years. Screenplay submissions must include a woman or woman characters in a leadership role or position in the center of the story. Scripts must be feature-length narratives between 80-120 pages.

In addition, the TV lab is for women who have not had a pilot that has been picked up within the past 10 years. Writers must submit a project that includes a woman or women character in a leadership or position at the center of the story. Projects must be either a pilot or spec script no more than 60 pages.

This Lab provides women-identified storytellers with training, skills, and a robust supportive network. Submit your film or TV script for the opportunity to advance your project.

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