Film Festivals Adjust to Coronavirus

(released 3/19/2020)

CoronaVirus has halted business as usual and many of our local annual events are recalibrating.

The 10th Annual Queens World Film Festival will go on starting Thursday night March 19th on the DISCOVERED.TV streaming service. The opening night program features Tales of Connectedness, a block of six short films that look at how we come together. The program begins at 7p.m. EST. Sign up here to join the festival:

The 7th Annual Brooklyn Comedy Festival was to be March 30-April 5, but has been postponed due to CoronaVirus. Look for new new dates as they plan to reschedule this year.

ReelAbilities Film Festival has shifted the planned festival from a live public event to a virtual format. The festival will run on its planned dates of March 31 to April 6th.

The 19th annual Tribeca Film Festival (April 15-26, 2020) announced, based on Governor Cuomo's warning to not congregate in groups of 500 or more, that the festival will be postponed. Since Co-Founder and CEO of Tribeca Enterprises Jane Rosenthal announced the postponement on the 12th of March via Twitter, Governor Cuomo has reduced crowds to 50 and under and only 50% of non-essential workforce are to go to work. The President has reduced that number again to ten or less people and all parties all calling for 6 feet of separation when in contact with others. Tribeca Film Festival is asking you to check their website to follow on this journey of the festival moving forward.

If you are recalibrating your event or festival and want to be included on this list, please send an email to We will keep and update this list as a community resource. Stay Healthy NY.

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