Vimeo Festival & Awards
Vimeo Festival & Awards
Vimeo Festival and Awards Best of the Year

(released 1/4/2020)

Gothams, Golden Globes, Oscars, Vimeos.  Yes, Vimeo has awards.  They have Staff Picks videos throughout the year, but this upcoming Saturday, they will be awarding the Best of the Year videos.

On Saturday, January 11th, Vimeo is holding the Vimeo Festival and Awards with the best Staff Picks for 2019.  The filmmakers and actors may not be world famous like the other standout award shows, but if previous Staff Picks are an indicator, these short films are of top quality.

They tout a few well known jury members like Terence Nance, Danny DeVito, Oscar Isaac, and Alec Baldwin.

Not just an awards presentation, which will take place in the evening, there are panels and screenings throughout the day.  The panels are: Get Your Workflow Flowing, Brand Identity Through Video, and From Short to Feature.  And it's not a party without a happy hour, so there's that too.

The event takes place at Murmrr located at 17 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn near the Grand Army Plaza.  Tickets are $20 or $40.  Get the details here:

Here are Vimeo's 2019 Staff Picks Best of the Year Nominees:

Best of Action Sports

    "Osama & Ayman" - Sam Price-Waldman and Chris Cresci
    "Contraddiction" - A Common Future
    "Nordurland" - Ishka Folkwell
    "Ransom // Speed" - Leigh Powis
    "Snowciety" - Kris Lüdi
    "The Sound of Skateboarding" - Tony Hawk - Bonamaze (Gilad Avnat, Stav Nahum)
    "Above the Noise" - by the Smiths (Aaron Smith and Lwany Smith)
    "Raw 100" - Rupert Walker and Brandon Semenuk
    "Lhotse" - Dutch Simpson and Nick Kalisz
    "She Likes" - Darcy Hennessey Turenne

Best of Animation

    "In A Nutshell" - Fabio Friedli
    "Nevada" - Emily Ann Hoffman
    "The Ogre" - Laurène Braibant
    "Albatross Soup" - Winnie Cheung
    "Ugly" - Anna Ginsburg
    "(OO)" - Seoro Oh
    "The Absence of Eddy Table" - Rune Spaans
    "Maestro" - Illogic
    "Acid Rain" - Tomek Popakul
    "Yona" - Gautier Alfirevic and Kevin Rose

Best of Comedy

    "Adman" - Ben Callner
    "It's Been Too Long" - Amber Schaefer
    "F***ing Bunnies" - Teemu Niukkanen
    "Housecall" - Josh Penn Soskin
    "Rachel" - Andrew DeYoung
    "Squirrel" - Alex Kavutskiy
    "Two Dollars" - Emmanuel Tenenbaum
    "Welcome Home" - Armita Keyani
    "Quarter Life Poetry on Surviving the Office: Circle Back" - Arturo Perez Jr.
    "Plaisir Sucré" - MegaComputeur (Oscar Malet, Corentin Yvergniaux, Camille Jalabert)

Best of Documentary

    "Accident, MD" - Dan Rybicky
    "Being 97" - Andrew Hasse
    "Landline" - Matt Houghton
    "Segregated By Design" - Mark Lopez
    "One Breath Around the World" - Guilaume Néry
    "How to Make a Rainbow" - Ryan Maxey
    "We the Bathers" - Phoebe Arnstein
    "Girl in the Hallway" - Valerie Barnhart
    "The Last Honey Hunter" - Ben Knight and Travis Rummel
    "Guaxuma" - Nara Normande

Best of Drama

    "Fence" - Lendita Zeqiraj
    "Pocket" - Mishka Kornai & Zach Wechter
    "Kanarí" - Erlendur Sveinsson
    "Lavender" - Matthew Puccini
    "Retouch" - Kaveh Mazaheri
    "Pre-Drink" - Marc-Antoine Lemire
    "Nursery Rhymes"  - Tom Noakes
    "Get Ready With Me" - Jonatan Etzler
    "Brotherhood" - Meryam Joobeur
    "The Things You Think I'm Thinking" - Sherren Lee

Best of Experimental

    "Idle, Torrent" - Alex Moy
    "Becoming" - Jan van IJken
    "17 Small Ideas" - Andrew B. Myers
    "Octave" - James Medcraft
    "Weval - Someday" - Páraic Mc Gloughlin
    "-N- Uprising" - Thomas Blanchard
    "Righteous Energy" - Maria Constanza Ferreira
    "Textless" - Gareth Smith
    "Savor It" - Stéphane Baz
    "Homeshake - Nothing Could Be Better" - Steve Smith

Best of Travel

    "MiniLook Berlin" - Efim Graboy and Daria Turetski
    "Visit Earth: Nature" - Mackenzie Sheppard
    "Space to Roam" - Andrew Studer
    "Shadows of Bangkok" - Jiajie Yu
    "Multiverse" - Hiroshi Kondo
    "That Yorkshire Sound" - Marcus Armitage
    "My Hyper Day" - Juraj Prostinák
    "Lure of the North" - Goh Iromoto
    "Magic of Hong Kong" - Andrew Efimov
    "A Dream of Myanmar" - Marta Trela and Henning Himmerleich

Best Branded Content

    "U SHOOT VIDEOS?" - Morgan Cooper for Adorama
    "Exit 12: Moved by War" - Mohammad Gorjestani for Square
    "The New Normal" - Spike Jonze for MedMen
    "Shako Mako" - Hailey Benton Gates for Miu Miu
    "No Vegans Allowed" - Rodrigo Valdes for PETA
    "Life of Pie" - Ben Knight and Travis Rummel for Patagonia
    "Alexander Girard: Architect of Modern Living" - James Casey for Herman Miller and AIGA
    "The Face of Distracted Driving, 'Forrest's Story'" - Errol Morris for AT&T
    "Brotherhood Of Skiing" - Colin Arisman and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray for REI
    "Natural History Museum" - Kirsten Lepore for Belvedere Vodka and Janelle Monae

Best Brand Story: Large Business

    Free People
    International Justice Mission
    New Balance

Best Brand Story: Small Business

    Armada Skis
    Kona Bikes
    Korua Shapes
    Monster Children
    Thrill Jockey Records
    Yeti Cycles

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