Kentucker Audley representing his movies brand.
Kentucker Audley representing his movies brand.
Radical Film Fair Was a Success at Kickstarter HQ

(released 9/16/2019)

Radical Film Fair was held at the Kickstarter Headquarters located at Kent Street in GreenPoint, Brooklyn. The fair started at one o’clock and the line to enter wrapped around the building for the first thirty minutes of the programmed fair. Once inside the vibe was positive and film focused.  It felt a little crowded.  If there is a fair next year, perhaps a larger venue is in order.

Distributors were selling movies, theaters were highlighting their programming, magazines, books, t-shirts were displayed for fairgoers walking the ground floor of Kickstarter. Upstairs, the spaces became screening rooms. Viewers could sample Eyeslicer's presentation of Season 2 episodes screening in different rooms.

The crowd remained strong throughout the 1-5pm fair. The final hour of content faces that had just finished eating from the on-site food trucks for the event, seemed proof of the film fair's successful day.

The day also had an undertone that referred to a current union dispute between Kickstarter employees and Kickstarter which has been documented by Slate.

Pre-fair, Eyeslicer posted a response on Twitter to news of the union issues escalating at Kickstarter.

Line wrapped around the corner to get into the fair.

Spectacle Theater showing support of the union efforts.

Grasshopper Film

Oscilloscope Labs

The Basement Labs

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