Alan Cumming - Split Screens TV Festival, IFC Center - May 30, 2019
Alan Cumming - Split Screens TV Festival, IFC Center - May 30, 2019
Instinct S2 starring Alan Cumming Starts Sunday

(released 6/28/2019)

Instinct on CBS, starring Alan Cumming as a peacock of a professor with a sharp mind for detecting the criminal, will premiere Season 2 this Sunday night. Based on best selling author James Patterson's writings, the show stars Cumming's character Dylan Reinhart, a former CIA operative, author and university professor. Dylan Reinhart now consults for the New York Police Department and has been put on disciplinary leave by NYPD. Lizzie Neehamn is Dylan's partner and the two find ways to work around the barriers of the job. Lt. Jasmine Gooden reinstates Dylan, but he must play by her rules. Dylan's home life is with husband Andy and the storyline has them navigating the adoption process to become parents.

Alan Cumming along with show runner Michael Rauch participated in the 2019 Split Screens TV Festival at the IFC Center at the end of May. Looking forward to the season two premiere. Cumming noted the difference in the two seasons and how the show is blooming as the network allows the cast and crew to create.

Season one is available online at for binging and catching up before the season 2 series premiere on Sunday, June 30, 2019 at 9/8c.

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