Image from opening night film, The Biggest Little Farm.
Image from opening night film, The Biggest Little Farm.
9th DOC NYC Brings Docs and Panels November 8-15

(released 10/22/2018)

NYC DOC Film Festival November 8-15, 2018 has a strong line-up of documentary works. Here is a sample of the program.

Master impressionist, Comedian Darrell Hammond's childhood of over medicating and misdiagnoses is explored in Cracked Up.

Bleed Out exposes the medical errors of for-profit medicine in America through US director Steve Burrow's experience of a mom going in for routine hip replacement surgery and post surgery with brain damage and in a coma.

On opening night, The Biggest Little Farm is a film that endeared audiences and critics at Toronto and Telluride.  The story of trading city life for a depleted soil patch of land outside of Los Angeles and becoming a self sustainable farm.  John Chester is the filmmaker and is expected to attend the opening night.  Chester is also the farmer subject in the film along with his wife Molly, a culinary writer.

New York Film Academy
Hunter College
Look for film blocks from the above fountains of new filmmakers.

Michael Moore and his film Fahrenheit 11/9 will be present.

Silicon Souls walks into the life of men in relationships with dolls.

Somewhere To Be gives a view of seniors in the Washington Square Park neighborhood over 60 and finding community.

DOC NYC PRO: SERIES FOCUS is co-presented by Amazon and Focus Features.

Tribeca Film Institute executive director Amy Hobby will give a morning manifesto November 9th to start a day of panel discussions. Hobby will give you insight into what she believes makes great documentary content. The day event will cover developing your series, should you pitch it and a case study of creating an acclaimed Netflix documentary series. Full day details here:

Check the festival website for more interesting topics that have been documented.

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