8 Things to Know About Coney Island Film Festival

(released 9/11/2018)

1.  The Coney Island Film Festival will take place September 14-16, 2018.

2.  Film Titles "Don't You Spit On My Pussy" and "Not Everyone Wants to Be Your Friend" should tip you off that this festival is not for the weak.

3.  THE WARRIORS will be a special screening at this festival

4.  A FULL FESTIVAL Pass is $50.00. Does not include Warriors Screening which is a separate $10 ticket. Does include opening night screening, party and programs 1 through 16 minus program 10, The Warriors Screening.

5.  Opening night party includes beer, wine, food, stage show featuring burlesque and sideshow.

6.  This is the eighteenth annual Coney Island Film Festival.

7.  Venues for the festival are Sideshows By The Seashore located at 1208 Surf Avenue - Ground Floor and Coney Island Museum on the 2nd Floor.

8.  The website to find out more and get tickets reserved for this local attraction, go to: www.coneyislandfilmfestival.com

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