Director Erika Cohn and Lauren Weiner (Political Communications Manager, ACLU)
Director Erika Cohn and Lauren Weiner (Political Communications Manager, ACLU)
The Judge Opens April 13th in NYC

(released 4/13/2018)

A woman walks into the office of Palestine's Chief Justice and boldly proclaims she wants to join the bench. Kholoud Al-Faquih, an attorney, made the Palestine Chief Justice laugh, and then she presented her research as evidence that Shari'a (Islamic law) interpreted woman as equal.

The Judge is a documentary feature film that's narrative is character driven. Director Erika Cohn of Idle Wild Film, Inc. created the film after seeing Kholoud Al-Faquih command a room with her presence and wonder who is this woman? "She was a larger than life character," said Cohn of her impression of Kholoud. Inspired, Cohn focused her film on the first woman to be appointed a judge in Palestine.

Kholoud is appointed to the bench and we learn her climb from being an attorney in family court, to Judge, and how a change in the Chief Justice position temporarily demotes the judge. This is seen by many in the judicial system as an attempt to reverse the advancement of women's equality in the Middle East's Shari'a courts. Kholoud is a judge who follows the law and balances the outcomes with a fair and sharp mind. Judge Al-Faquih is an inspiration to colleagues and her family. The film allows us to see the process of law carried out in family court hearings. The documentary also captures the daily life of Palestine as we are engaged with Kholoud's husband, children, parents and extended family.

The Judge will screen in limited release at the Cinema Village from April 13-19, 2018 in New York City.

To find out more about the film, go to To follow Judge Kholoud Al-Faquih's journey, connect via #shesthefirst.

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