When Science + Reefer = 4/20 Madness

(released 4/4/2018)

MOVIES R DUMB is a monthly series at the Q.E.D. presented by Chris Gersbeck and Freddy G (NPR). The monthly series invites NYC's quickest comedians to riff on the worst movies.

This month, Reefer Madness will screen on the 4/20 Holiday with special guest Frank Conniff of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The line up also includes Kat Burdnick and Derek Humphries (Derek Mansplains It All Podcast) to help riff over the classic propaganda film in the stylings of MST3K.

The 1936 propaganda film was a warning of the addictive reefer cigarettes. The movie depicts those who provoke innocent teenagers into the use of smoking reefer and attending wild parties with jazz music.  This combination can only lead to bad things as told by the film's narration.

If you too like to do bad things, then head to the Q.E.D. located at 27-16 23rd Avenue in Astoria, Queens. It is easily accessible by riding the N or W train, so your stoned AF self need not worry about how to drive there.

Happy 4/20 to all and may you all have a good flight.

Starts at 11pm.  Save your seat by clicking through here:


Trailer to the film can be viewed here:

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