QED Now Has a Podcasting Studio

(released 7/31/2017)

Q.E.D. has opened a podcasting studio. The Q.E.D. located at 27-16 23rd Avenue in Astoria is a performance space and creative learning spot. Most days, the space is filled with co-working and rehearsals.  By night, it's an after work playground for adults to see locally produced shows, attend cultural and business events, and take classes like soap making, swing dancing, American Sign Language, kimchi making, or comedy writing.

The new Q.E.D. podcasting studio is located in the Q.E.D. basement. The space is fitted with 4 microphones and an audio interface that allows you to record in Pro Tools. If you do not have tech experience, an in-house tech is available for recording and mixing help for an additional fee. Currently, the introductory rate for the podcast studio is $30 an hour. The affordable rates make this a resource for voice over artists as well.

You can learn from the ground up about podcasting on August 19, 2017 with the afternoon course Intro to Podcasting. The course includes a tour of the new podcast studio and a hands-on recording session. Details and registration are here: https://qedastoria.com/products/intro-to-podcasting

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