Alumni Keynote Conversation with HBO's Animals - NYTVF Festival Founder Terence Gray with Show Creators Mike Luciano and Phil Matarese
Alumni Keynote Conversation with HBO's Animals - NYTVF Festival Founder Terence Gray with Show Creators Mike Luciano and Phil Matarese
New York Television Festival 2016 Winners

(released 10/31/2016)

The New York Television Festival concluded 2016 events on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at The Helen Mills Event Space. In stats released by Festival Director Erin Gray, here is a recap of the festival in numbers: "84 officially-selected pilots and scripts. 93 events. 325 artists. 75 participating networks, agencies, studios, platforms, prod cos, and media companies. Sixteen showrunners. 550+ facilitated meetings.  And almost 4,000 bottles of Anheuser-Busch beers."

Festival Director Gray generously shared the accomplishment of the festival completion with the artists for which the festival exists. Festival founder Terence Gray's vision continues to be inclusive, hopeful, and fostering for content creators equipped with drive and determination. Founder Gray felt the talent participating in the festival was a direct correlation to the increasing level of industry engagement.

Winners are listed here:

Best Animation:  "Fired On Mars" created by Nick Vokey and Nate Sherman - Los Angeles, CA Jeff just got fired from his graphic design job. On Mars. And there's no way for him to get home.

Best Comedy:
"Poor Todd" created by Liz Astrof (Los Angeles, CA) A self-proclaimed "low maintenance" pediatric dentist and her long-suffering, under-earning menschy husband deal with everything from humorous daily minutiae to major life struggles like money, career, life insurance, and kids... potentially.
Best Drama:  "According to My Mother" created by Daniel K. Isaac, Cathy Y. Yan, and Devin Landin (Queens, NY) This modern take on the family series features a young, gay Korean-American living in New York and his disapproving, devout Christian mother who moves in with him... and changes everything.
Best Short-Form Comedy Series:  "Textbook Adulthood" created by Madeline Walter and Paul Welsh (Los Angeles, CA) Two SAT tutors wonder if the transitional job they started in their 20's has turned into a sad career as they enter their 30's.

Best Short-Form Drama Series:  "Her Story" created by Jen Richards and Laura Zak (Los Angeles, CA) This modern relationship drama follows Violet and Paige, two transgender women in Los Angeles, who have given up on love when chance encounters suddenly give them hope.
Best Unscripted:  "Comedy Digs" created by Shelly Gossman and Blythe Haaga (Los Angeles, CA) In this twist on the home improvement genre, SNL writers-room alum Shelly Gossman helps her fellow comedians turn their grungy pads into homes suitable for grownups as they sort through comedic oddities and tackle tricky DIY projects.

Best Actor, Comedy:  Keith Powell for "Keith Broke His Leg"

Best Actor, Drama:  Daniel K. Isaac for "According to My Mother"

Best Actress, Comedy:  Julia Mattison for "Brooklyn Sound"

Best Actress, Drama:  Angelica Ross for "Her Story"

Best Writing:  Adam Weinstock, Andy Jones, Alex Whittington, Robert Stephens, and Ben Greene for "On the Bright Side"

Best Directing (Tie):  Sonja O'Hara and Jaspal Binning for "Doomsday" and D.W. Waterson for "That's My DJ"

Best Editing:  Drew Van Steenbergen for "Brooklyn Sound"

NYTVF Critics Award:  "The Worst Husband" created by Steve Dildarian (Los Angeles, CA) Vance Johnson is a decent guy who is newly married and new to the suburbs. Confronted by judgmental neighbors, conservative in-laws, and nosy co-workers, his good deeds somehow get twisted and misunderstood, and he comes across looking like the worst guy ever.

Best of the Fest – Independent Pilot Competition:  "The Worst Husband" created by Steve Dildarian (Los Angeles, CA)

Best of the Fest – NYTVF Scripts:  "Medium Well" written by Christina Brosman (Brooklyn, NY) Marjorie has spent the last decade as an assistant to a celebrity chef and a wife to her high school sweetheart. Now in her 30's, she's finally ready to admit that she wants a culinary career of her own...and a divorce.
IPC selections can be found at


Bento Box Development Award:  Tiffany So and Saba Saghafi for their project "Limited Space" (Los Angeles, CA)

Comedy Central Development Award:  Julia Mattison and Noel Carey for their project "Brooklyn Sound" (Brooklyn, NY)

IFC Comedy Selects:  "Door on the Left" created by Kati Skelton (Brooklyn, NY) and  "E. Coli High" created by Kevin Barker and Ben Miller (Brooklyn, NY)

OneX Pitch Deal:  Chas Jackson (Los Angeles, CA)

Pop Pitch Deal:  Madeline Walter and Paul Welsh (Los Angeles, CA)

Red Arrow Entertainment Development Award:  Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman for their project "Yidlife Crisis" (Montreal, Quebec)

Seeso Development Award:  Tynan Delong, Ryan Bennett and Ana Fabrega for their project "Jana and Shasta" (Brooklyn, NY)

Super Deluxe Pitch Deal:  Meghan O'Neill (Brooklyn, NY)

truTV Greenlight Deal:  Shelly Gossman and Blythe Haaga for their project "Comedy Digs" (Los Angeles, CA)  This winner has been selected to develop a project in partnership with truTV and NYTVF Productions.

WEtv Pitch Deal:  Joseph Gerbino and Erica Hart (West Palm Beach, FL)
In addition to the above, New York Women in Film and Television awarded a platinum memberships to Alex Trow and Katie Gibson in recognition of their work on "Inappropriate Jane Austen."  Previously-announced winners and honorees in the JHRTS Script Competition and NYTVF-Just for Laughs Script to Screen TV Pitch Competition were also recognized during Saturday night's awards reception.

Photos from the festival can be found here.

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