Long Legs Short Films at DCTV

(released 5/30/2016)

DCTV, along with Dance Films Association, is presenting Long Legs Short Films on June 1 for their third annual event.  The screening is a collection of short films illustrating dance and movement through the lens.

There will a Q&A with some of the filmmakers after the screening and an after party with DJ and Brooklyn Brewery.  Tickets are $10.

DCTV is located at 87 Lafayette Street in Manhattan.


Below are the films:

349 (Kristen Lauth Shaeffer | USA, 2015, 3:10)? Created with hundreds of pencils and hundreds of hands, 349 is a collaborative animated film that explores the idea that we're all imperceptibly connected.

Be So Glad (Fons Schiedon | USA, 2016, 3:46)? A mythical railroad worker transcends his struggles in this music video for Jaimeo Brown Transcendence.

Beating (Kari Sulc | Czech Republic, 2015, 6:10)? In this observational dance film, not only the beauty of the body in motion, but also the unexpectedly archaic, ritual dimension of an ordinary training session are drawn to the surface.

Exquisite Zombies? (YAK Films and Adobe Project 1234 | USA, 2015, 6:11)? Part 1 of a collaborative street dance clip filmed around the world in one month – a collage concept where each dancer continues the flow of moves from one continent to the next creating a worldwide exquisite zombie.

Gravity's Angel (Rosie Trump | USA, 2015, 2:39)? Gravity's Angel underscores the pull of gravity. The momentum of a singular movement transforms from banal to absurd.

Levitation (Sila Sveta and Anna Abalikhina | Russia, 2016, 3:22) ?A collaborative performance for the Big Ballet show that aired on Culture TV Russia. All visuals were rendered in real time without any post production.

Lost In The Shuffle (Simone Maurice | USA, 2016, 20:00)? Jason Samuels Smith, Emmy Award-winning tap dancer and choreographer, faces the erosion of his artistic and cultural heritage by teaching free tap dance classes in Jersey City, NY. In so doing, he uncovers startling parallels between neglecting culture and community.

Noc na Tanecku (Night at the Dance)? (Annie Silverstein | USA, 2011, 12:00)? A profile of Sefcik Hall, one of the last true Czech dance halls in Texas, and the elderly folk that still come there each Sunday to wax the floor and dance the polka, even as they struggle with old age, illness, and in some cases, death.

Ophion (Samantha Casolari | USA, 2016, 3:40)? Brooklyn dance team the Dream Ring introduce flexing, a striking new street style.

Orange Trill (G. Anthony Svatek | USA, 2015, 3:59)? Technology sees our corporeal existence as burdensome, resulting in the body's dissolution from the very ground beneath our feet.

Pas de Cheval (Courtney Krantz | USA, 2014, 2:50)? This film draws on movement studies for the camera including Muybridge's studies of humans and animals. Realized in-camera, live performance is transferred to a one-take process.

Singeries? (Priscilla Guy & Catherine Lavoie-Marcus | Canada, 2015, 7:00)? Two women try to stay true to themselves.

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