Mike Free and Adam Bagy performing during the Sparrow Film Project 12 Gala
Mike Free and Adam Bagy performing during the Sparrow Film Project 12 Gala
Sparrow Film Project 13 Gala is June 16

(released 5/27/2016)

The Sparrow Film Project 13 Gala and Awards is June 16, 2016. Celebrate the spirit of filmmaking in Astoria when the denizens of Queens come together to screen nominated short films mixed with food, drinks, live entertainment and awards presentations. An after party TBA offers more opportunity to amalgamate with the creatives that dwell by Hells Gate.

This 13th edition of the project cultivated 65 finalized film submissions that went before the Sparrow Film Project judges. The following films are the nominees based on the judges' selection (listed alphabetically by title):

"13" by Pepper Finger Films
"13 Clones" by Sushi Gucci
"A Fairy Tale" by Is This Gonna Be Awkward?
"Are We Doing This?" by PM Films
"Aww Boom Boom Kitty Kill" by Misfit Toys
"Break a Leg" by Pup Chromatic
"Cat's Nine Lives" by Asian John Cusack
"Do Boyfriends Dream of Dancing Fish?" by Meandering Quail
"Dragged In" by Brazen
"Garlic on Trial" by Team Larry
"Golden Loop" by Math In Action
"He Returns" by Night Jar
"Joe" by Humble Tortoise
"Loving Sin" by Moon Rivers
"Past Forward" by Come Out Swinging
"Power Play" by PM Films
"Proof of Purchase" by Dad Jokes
"Reaping Shall Be Our Rejoicing" by Mile High
"Shoelaces" by Evening Squire
"The Drop" by Suit Up
"The Eleven Pieces of My Soul" by Ghost Everything
"The Traveler" by American Grapefruit
"The Wishing Tree" by JLM
"Toadal Recall" by Sweet Cream Biscuit
"Tunnelvision or Tunnel of Love" by Sunglasses and Advil
"Wonderings" by Sex Stuff
"Worm" by Asian Mulder

The gala screening will be held at the Sumner M. Redstone Theater inside the Museum of Moving Image, Astoria, Queens. To reserve your ticket go to: http://sfp13.brownpapertickets.com

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