Amy Heckerling live at Metrograph Retrospective

(released 5/12/2016)

The new indie theater Metrograph is hosting writer/director Amy Heckerling this weekend.  Heckerling directed a few Gen X hits in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Four of these top hits will screen at Metrograph:  Johnny Dangerously and Fast Times at Ridgemont High on Saturday, May 14 and Look Who's Talking and Clueless on Sunday, May 15.

On Saturday, Amy Heckling will have a Q&A after the Fast Times screening at 6:00pm and will intro the 8:30pm show.  She will do the same thing for the Clueless screenings on Sunday.  Q&A after the 6:00pm show and intro for the 8:30pm show.

Metrograph is located at No 7 Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side.  For tickets or more info, go to

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