Francesca Scorcese, Helen Schermerhorn Scorcese, Domenica Cameron-Scorcese, Julia Cameron
Francesca Scorcese, Helen Schermerhorn Scorcese, Domenica Cameron-Scorcese, Julia Cameron
Almost Paris - Premiere at Tribeca 2016

(released 5/3/2016)

The World Premiere screening of Almost Paris debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival closing night April 24, 2016.

This film is the feature directorial debut of Domenica Cameron-Scorcese. The red carpet evening began around 5:30p.m. with crew and cast arrivals, a full theater of movie watchers for the screening, and a Q&A with cast and crew following the film. Written by Actor Wally Marzano-Lesnevich, Almost Paris is an ensemble cast depicting American life during the recession and housing crisis. Set in Oyster Bay, Long Island, the consequences of the six figure city dwelling son become clearer to the family when he returns home where his adult sister, her husband, and family currently reside as well.  The story, while capturing the fear and regret of the financial climate during the time period, manages to keep hope through the parents' ideals and dreams of Paris.

Mike Sorvino, producer/actor in the film, has known writer Wally Marzano-Lesnevich since middle school. They attended high school together and went on to be college roommates. Sorvino met Cameron-Scorcese at a table reading for theater they both participated in ten years ago and thought working together is something they would like to do at some point. The film Almost Paris became that place in time. The synchronicity of life brought Sorvino in the path of the film's Executive Producers Cynthia Rosicki and Tom Rosicki.  Sorvino also credits Cameron-Scorcese with providing her vision for the screenplay to production process.

The merging of Producer Sorvino and Director Cameron-Scorcese projected a family atmosphere on screen and in reality that was warm, welcoming and real. The after party to celebrate the premiere of the project was held at The New York EDITION Hotel adjacent to Madison Square Park. The matriarchs of the Scorcese family made appearances in support of Director Domenica's first feature length film project. Domenica's mother Julia Cameron, sister Francesca Scorcese who also was an actress in the film, and Francesca's mother Helen Morris also attended.

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