QCA showing Works in Progress from Queens World

(released 4/14/2016)

LAB is a creative space dedicated to allowing artists to have a gathering place to provide feedback, thoughtful insight, and critique to a portfolio, work-in-progress, or collaboration. This Friday, April 15, LAB Works in Progress with Queens World Film Festival will be held from 6:30p.m-8:30p.m. The LAB is located at The Queens Council of the Arts, 3711 35th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101.

The Works in Progress allows filmmakers to screen 3-7 minutes of the project they are working on to get feedback. Often times, a filmmaker is wearing the hats of many (ie. writer, director, editor) and may have never seen their work on a screen larger than a laptop. Gathering to project the work and discuss what is on screen is the goal of the LAB.

The work of Adam Bradley, Anne Hu, Elizabeth Pasieczny, Martin Riofrio, Deborah Harse, and Justin Ferrato will be screened at the event.  Tickets for the event are $10 for non-members of QCA and it comes with unlimited Stella Artois beer.

Queens World Film Festival Artistic Director and filmmaker Don Cato along with Queens World Film Festival Executive Director Katha Cato will be contributing their experience to the Q&A and discussion planned post screenings. Don Cato has Turner Classic Film worthy work status and has first hand knowledge of distributing films from China. Don Cato is a relevant director from his documentary work in 1978 to his present day festival circuit recognition. Katha Cato can build theater groups, create an improv culture scene, and elevate education for NY students leading after-school and camp services that were recognized by NY State Education with the 2014 PASEsetter Award. Katho Cato is known for bringing people together through theatre arts, film and video applying her business acumen from Columbia University Business Executive Education graduate school.

To register for Friday evening's LAB Works in Progress, go to: www.queenscouncilarts.org

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