Sparrow Film Project Edition 13 is Underway

(released 4/1/2016)

The Sparrow Film Project is currently in progress.  Teams were given a fortune cookie with a superstition (don't open an umbrella in the house), a tarot card drawn to be interpreted as the mechanics of the film (moon card = your film takes place at night), and then a spin of the wheel of misfortune to give limitations (i.e. 13 characters, 13 locations, 13 edits, 13 props) to work with when creating their 3 minute film. Team names give the spirit of the project participants.

Some team names are:
Mile High Film Club
Night Jar
Urban Achievers
Demon People
Agent John Cusack
Guaranteed Tremendous
Sweet Cream Biscuit
Suit Up
24/28 Films

The projects are due for turn-in Sunday, April 10th at midnight. Follow the teams as they compete for the glory at the gala set for June where nominees will screen inside the Museum of Moving Image. The following link is to the facebook event page for project turn-ins:

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