Joseph Jamal's Chapter & Verse screens at Columbia

(released 2/18/2016)

Joseph Jamal's feature Chapter & Verse is screening for free at the Miller Theatre at Columbia University at 6:30pm tonight.  The film will be followed by a panel discussion on race, justice, and the carceral continuum.

The film was shot in Harlem and the story takes place there as well.  Upon his return from serving a prison sentence, a reformed gang leader S. Lance Ingram has to adapt to a changed Harlem.

The panelists include the filmmaker Jamal Joseph (School of the Arts Professor), Kathy Boudin (Center for Justice), Soffiyah Elijah (Correctional Association of New York), Carl Hart (Department of Psychology Professor), and Samuel Roberts (African-American Studies Professor). School of the Arts Film Program Chair Maureen Ryan will introduce the panel and Kendall Thomas of the School of Law will moderate.

Event Info and RSVP Here

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