New York is a TV Town

(released 10/20/2015)

The Boston Consulting Group was commissioned by the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment to prepare an independent study to detail, analyze, and conclude the impact of New York City's media and entertainment industries.  The findings reveal NY is a "TV Town", scripted television specifically. The growth translates into New Yorkers getting more full time employment.

The report found several factors for why the trend is growing for scripted productions in NY.
  • The MOME provides a one stop shop for navigating a production from concept to release.
  • New York's ability to support a production with skilled crew base, talent pool of actors, sound stages and studios with relevant technologies.
  • The 30 percent tax credit for production expenditures is also a factor in the projected 5 year growth trend.
The study found that despite the recent financial crisis that saw 10,000 full time industry jobs disappear, production business outperformed overall when comparing New York City and national economies, losing fewer jobs and recovering quickly with 25,000 full time equivalent jobs added in a few years time.

The New York industry boasts annual full time employment to be holding around 130k people. The additional call by networks and digital platforms for scripted content allows production personnel to be employed year round. The talent pool of actors is more fluid through the mediums of film, TV and theater which allows for more actors to be supported with year round work instead of seasonally.  The large talent pool is also helpful to producers.  "I've shot over 250 hours of prime time drama in NYC.  I'm still discovering talent I've never met, places I haven't shot and craft personnel that are committed and creative. Made in New York has never been so good," said Brooke Kennedy, Producer of The Good Wife.

Economically, the figure the filmed production industry contributed to New York City was 8.7 billion.

There has been a 1.6 billion dollar increase in production spending since 2011. TV in 2004 saw three networks broadcast scripted shows from New York City. In 2014, the number of networks commissioning scripted TV was 19.  During the 2013-2014 season, 29 episodic series were made in NY. The 2014-2015 season, the number jumped to a record 46 series being made in the city.  Television has been the greatest increase with film production having more variability. During 2014, the five boroughs had 242 films in production. As of October 2015, the number of films shot in the city is 256 productions.  Additional economic impact can be seen in the amount of tourism dollars generated in the city by visitors who want to see live filming. Shows like Good Morning America, the Today show, Late Night, The Tonight Show, Wendy Williams, The Chew, and Live with Kelly and Michael as well as others bring a collective annual audience of 575,000. The tourist revenue has been measured to be $45 million dollars captured from those in town to be an audience member.

"There's something special about New York City and the TV and film industry has picked up on it. The filmed entertainment industry channels nearly 9 billion dollars into our economy each year, supporting the creation of thousands of dependable good-paying jobs and showcasing the history, creativity and vivacity of our people and our city," said Mayor Bill de Blasio. "NYC has always been at the forefront of media and entertainment. The BCG's independent study shows that we've escalated our growth to unprecedented levels, and will continue to do so over the next several years. That's good news for audiences and that's good news for New Yorkers."

Commissioner Lopez and MOME want to continue to attract productions by providing a sustainable workforce and maintaining a solid pipeline of production resources. Working with industry partners and city agencies, Lopez and her office have created initiatives and opportunity in the following:
  • The Writers Program
  • The Assistant Editor Training and Mentorship Program
  • The Made in NY Career panels
  • The Made in NY Fellowship Program
  • The Made in NY Entrepreneur Innovations Grants
  • Investments in scholarships and grants to the Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, the only public film school housed on an active commercial film lot.
"By citing the enormous local contribution of the media and entertainment industry, BCG's report confirms-definitively and independently- what we've always known: NYC is the creative capital of the world," said Cynthia Lopez, Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment. "MOME is thrilled to support and encourage the hundreds of creative teams producing films, television series and digital products throughout the five boroughs, ensuring the industry continues to play its leading role here in New York."

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