Karyn Kusama - screening of Girlfight at Nitehawk Cinemas - Jan 26, 2019
Karyn Kusama - screening of Girlfight at Nitehawk Cinemas - Jan 26, 2019
Cinema Roundup For the Week of April 4

(released 4/4/2024)

Here's our list of upcoming special event type screenings at theaters in New York from April 4th and beyond. These are the screenings that have actors, directors or producers at them to answer questions from critics and audience members. If you host an event and we missed you, please let us know - info@greenroomnewyork.com.

Kim's Video - Q&A with Editor Mark Becker
Apr 4 (8pm)
Firehouse Cinema DCTV (87 Lafayette Avenue, Manhattan)
Playing with the forms and tropes of various cinema genres, the filmmaker sets off on a quest to find a legendary lost video collection of 55,000 movies in Sicily.

The Beast - Q&A with Director Bertrand Bonello
Apr 4 (6:45pm), Apr 5 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
The plot is set partly in a near future in which artificial intelligence is in control of everyone's lives and human emotions are perceived as a threat.

Bad Faith - Q&A with Director Stephen Ujlaki and subject Anne Nelson
Apr 5 (7pm)
Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street, Manhattan)
The forces tearing apart our democracy have never been more frightening or powerful, but who is actually behind them? Bad Faith reveals how Christian Nationalist leaders have spread fear and anger for decades, distorting political issues into battles between good and evil, as they seek to upend the Constitution and impose their version of Biblical law on all Americans.

Problemista - Q&A with Director Julio Torres
Apr 5 (6:45pm), Apr 6 (6:45pm)
Angelika Film Center (18 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Alejandro is an aspiring toy designer from El Salvador struggling to bring his unusual ideas to life in NY. As time runs out on his work visa, a job assisting an erratic art-world outcast becomes his only hope to stay in the country.

Big Shark - Q&A with Writer/Director Tommy Wiseau
Apr 5 (10pm), Apr 6 (10pm)
Village East by Angelika (181-189 2nd Avenue, Manhattan)
Three firefighters: Georgie, Patrick, and Tim must save New Orleans from a gigantic shark, can New Orleans survive?

Kim's Video - Q&A with subject Mr. Kim
Apr 5 (7pm), Apr 6 (7pm)
Quad Cinema (34 West 13th Street, Manhattan)
Physical media reigns supreme in Kim's Video, an elegiac tribute to the iconic video store in New York City that inspired a generation of cinephiles before it mysteriously closed its doors and sent its legendary film archive to a small and slightly dubious Sicilian village for "safekeeping." But what starts as an homage to cinema quickly becomes a rescue mission to ensure the eternal preservation of the beloved video collection.

The People's Joker - Q&A with Actor/Director Vera Drew
Apr 5 (7:25pm SOLD OUT), Apr 6 (7:25pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
An aspiring clown grappling with her gender identity combats a fascistic caped crusader.

Raising Arizona - Q&A with Editor Michael R. Miller
Apr 6 (6:15pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
When a childless couple--an ex-con and an ex-cop--decide to help themselves to one of another family's quintuplets, their lives become more complicated than they anticipated.

Make Me Famous - Q&A with Director Brian Vincent & Producer Heather Spore
Apr 7 (5:30pm)
New Plaza Cinema (35 West 67th Street, Manhattan)
A madcap romp through the 1980's NYC art scene amid the colorful career of painter, Edward Brezinski, hell-bent on making it. Filmed in NYC, Detroit, San Francisco, Ireland, Berlin and the Cote d'Azur.

I Like Movies - Q&A with Director Chandler Levack, moderated by Emma Seligman
Apr 8 (7:30pm)
Nitehawk Cinema Williasburg (136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn)
Lawrence Kweller, a socially inept 17-year old cinephile, gets a job at a video store, where he forms a complicated friendship with his older female manager.

Igualada - Q&A with Director Juan Mejia, Producers Juan Yepes & Sonia Serna
Apr 9 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
In the 2022 Colombian presidential campaign, Francia Márquez, a Black woman from a rural background, challenges the status quo by declaring her candidacy. Reappropriating the derogatory term "igualada," Márquez disrupts more than Colombia's conservative echelons of power – she interrogates the dynamics of governmental power itself. 

I Like Movies - Q&A with Director Chandler Levack
Apr 9 (7pm)
Roxy Cinema (2 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan)
Lawrence Kweller, a socially inept 17-year old cinephile, gets a job at a video store, where he forms a complicated friendship with his older female manager.

Fresh Kill - Q&A with Director Shu Lea Cheang
Apr 9 (7pm)
BAM (30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn)
A lesbian couple living on Staten Island find themselves ensnared in a vast conspiracy involving a ghost ship of nuclear refuse, ominous television commercials, and deadly cat food.

Omen - Q&A with Director Baloji
Apr 10 (7pm), Apr 12 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
After spending years in Belgium, a young Congolese man returns to his birthplace of Kinshasa to confront the intricacies of his family and culture.

Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill - Q&A with Director Andy Brown
Apr 11 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
The never-before-told story of folk-rock icon Judee Sill, who in just two years went from living in a car to appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone. The documentary charts her troubled adolescence through her meteoric rise in the music world and early tragic death.

Sasquatch Sunset - Q&A with Actor Jesse Eisenberg
Apr 12 (5:30pm, 6:30pm)
Angelika New York (18 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
A year in the life of a unique family. It captures the daily life of the Sasquatch with a level of detail and rigor that is simply unforgettable.

Sweet Dreams - Q&A with Director Ena Sendijarevic
Apr 12 (6:45pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Tumultuous events triggered by the death of a Dutch sugar plantation owner who ends up leaving his Indian Ocean island estate to his young illegitimate son - the child of his Indonesian housemaid.

Resistance: They Fought Back - Q&A with Director Paula S. Apsell
Apr 12 (7pm), Apr 13 (7pm), Apr 14 (4pm), Apr 15 (7pm)
Firehouse Cinema DCTV (87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan)
Resistance: They Fought Back tells the largely unknown and incredibly courageous story of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.

Take Me Somewhere Nice - Q&A with Director Ena Sendijarevic
Apr 13 (2:30pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
On the edge of adulthood, Alma leaves her mother's home in the Netherlands and travels to her native Bosnia to visit the father she's never met. But from the start, nothing goes as planned.

Wild At Heart - Intro and Q&A with Cinematographer Frederick Elmes
Apr 13 (5:30pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Young lovers Sailor and Lula run from the variety of weirdos that Lula's mom has hired to kill Sailor.

Sasquatch Sunset - Q&A with Actor Jesse Eisenberg
Apr 13 (6pm, 7:30pm)
Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn (445 Albee Square West, Brooklyn)
A year in the life of a unique family. It captures the daily life of the Sasquatch with a level of detail and rigor that is simply unforgettable.

All You Need Is Death - Q&A with Director Paul Duane
Apr 13 (7pm), Apr 14 (6pm)
Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan (28 Liberty Street, Manhattan)
A young couple who collect rare folk ballads discover the dark side of love when they surreptitiously record and translate an ancient, taboo folk song from the deep, forgotten past.

The Namesake - Q&A with Director Mira Nair and Cinematographer Frederick Elmes
Apr 14 (3:30pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
American-born Gogol, the son of Indian immigrants, wants to fit in among his fellow New Yorkers, despite his family's unwillingness to let go of their traditional ways.

Fargo - Q&A with Composer Carter Burwell
Apr 14 (5pm)
Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, Queens)
Minnesota car salesman Jerry Lundegaard's inept crime falls apart due to his and his henchmen's bungling and the persistent police work of the quite pregnant Marge Gunderson.

Stress Positions - Q&A with Director Theda Hammel and Actor John Early
Apr 14 (6:45pm), Apr 15 (6:45pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
Terry, in strict quarantine in his ex-husband's Brooklyn home, cares for his injured nephew, a 19-year-old Moroccan model named Bahlul, drawing attention from everyone in his life.

Finding The Money - Q&A with Director Maren Poitras
Apr 16 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
An underdog group of economists is on a mission to instigate a paradigm shift by flipping our understanding of the national debt, and the nature of money, upside down.

I'm "George Lucas": A Connor Ratliff Story - Q&A with Director Ryan Jacobi, Producer Annamaria Sofillas, & Cast Connor Ratliff, Griffin Newman, Patrick Cotnoir
Apr 16 (7:30pm)
Nitehawk Cinema Prospect Park (188 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn)
Five years into performing as renowned filmmaker George Lucas in the cult comedy show "The George Lucas Talk Show", comedian Connor Ratliff questions the need for its continuation and his own drive for fulfillment in show business.

We Grown Now - Q&A with Director Minhal Baig
Apr 18 (6:45pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Tells the story of two best friends growing up in the 90s in the infamous (and now-demolished) Chicago housing project, Cabrini-Green. 12-year-olds Malik and Eric are inseparable — they idolize Michael Jordan, compete in jumping contests, play hooky at the Art Institute. But when a shooting hits too close to home, the hard realities of safety confront Malik's mother, and she must make a difficult decision about her family’s future.

And, Towards Happy Alleys - Q&A with Director Sreemoyee Singh
Apr 18 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
A passionate declaration of love for the cinema and poetry of Iran, which also offers a frank view of the precarious situation for critics of the regime and shows the uncompromising daily struggle of Iranian women against their oppression.

The Ice Storm - Q&A with Cinematographer Frederick Elmes & Production Designer Mark Friedberg
Apr 19 (7:15pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
In suburban New Canaan, Connecticut, 1973, middle-class families experimenting with casual sex and substance abuse find their lives beyond their control.

Mourning in Lod - Q&A with Director Hilla Medalia
Apr 19 (7:15pm), Apr 20 (5pm, 7:30pm)
Quad Cinema (34 West 13th Street, Manhattan)
The fates of three families become inextricably intertwined when a Palestinian citizen is killed by a Jewish settler in the city of Lod, Israel, and deadly riots break out.

Photographic Justice: The Corky Lee Story - Q&A with Director Jennifer Tataki (and others)
Apr 19 (7pm), Apr 20 (7pm), Apr 23 (7pm)
Firehouse Cinema DCTV (87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan)
For 50 years, Chinese American photographer Corky Lee documented the celebrations, struggles, and daily lives of Asian American Pacific Islanders with epic focus. Determined to push mainstream media to include AAPI culture in the visual record of American history, Lee produced an astonishing archive of nearly a million compelling photographs. His work takes on new urgency with the alarming rise in anti-Asian attacks during the Covid pandemic.

Uncropped - Q&A with Directors D.W. Young & James Hamilton
Apr 20 (5:30pm)
Bronx Documentary Center (614 Courtlandt Avenue, Bronx)
UNCROPPED rediscovers the work of James Hamilton, one of the great chroniclers of the cultural history of America, who made iconic images of artists, musicians and cultural icons in New York and across the country during his extraordinary, capturing an era of vibrant alternative media and the height of New York's cultural impact.

Common Enemy - Q&A with Producer José Elias, Writer/Editor Angel Lugo
Apr 21 (1pm)
Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, Queens)
The film examines individuals affected by corporate animal agriculture, including the mental and physical toll taken on workers on a pig farm in rural Oklahoma; the Cherokee activist Pam Kingfisher and her fight to take back tribal lands; and the dedicated people devoted to rehabilitating animals abused on mega-farms.

Moviepass, Moviecrash - Q&A with Director Muta'Ali Muhammad
Apr 23 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
MOVIEPASS, MOVIECRASH chronicles the origin story, meteoric rise and stranger-than-fiction implosion of the theatrical movie subscription app, MoviePass, as told through the eyes of the visionary co-founders.

The Feeling That The Time For Doing Something Has Passed - Q&A with Actor/Writer/Director Joanna Arnow
Apr 23 (7:15pm)
Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg (136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn)
A mosaic-style comedy following the life of a woman as time passes in her long-term casual BDSM relationship, low-level corporate job, and quarrelsome Jewish family.

From Beyond - Q&A with Screenwriter Dennis Paoli
Apr 23 (8:30pm)
Nitehawk Cinema Prospect Park (188 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn)
A group of scientists have developed the Resonator, a machine which allows whoever is within range to see beyond normal perceptible reality. But when the experiment succeeds, they are immediately attacked by terrible life forms.

Humane - Q&A with Director Caitlin Cronenberg
Apr 24 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
HUMANE takes place over a single day, mere months after a global ecological collapse has forced world leaders to take extreme measures to reduce the earth's population. In a wealthy enclave, a recently retired newsman has invited his four grown children to dinner to announce his intentions to enlist in the nation's new euthanasia program. But when the father's plan goes horribly awry, tensions flare and chaos erupts among his children.

Terrestrial Verses - Q&A with Director Alireza Khatami
Apr 26 (7:50pm), Apr 27 (7:50pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
In Tehran, a new father seeks to register the name (insufficiently Islamic, he is told) of his newborn son; a 20-something rideshare driver caught on camera without a hijab attempts to retrieve her impounded car; a man with poem tattoos applies for a driver’s license; an elderly woman pleads with the police for the return of her beloved dog.

Lyd - Q&A with either or both Directors Rami Younis & Sarah Ema Friedland
Apr 26 (7:30pm), Apr 27 (5pm, 7pm), Apr 28 (7pm), Apr 29 (7:30pm), Apr 30 (7:30pm), May 1 (7:30pm), May 2 (7pm)
Firehouse Cinema DCTV (87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan)
A sci-fi documentary that follows the rise and fall of Lyd – a 5,000-year-old metropolis that was once a bustling Palestinian town until it was conquered when the State of Israel was established in 1948. As the film unfolds, a chorus of characters creates a tapestry of the Palestinian experience of this city and the trauma left by the massacre and expulsion; while vivid animations envision an alternate reality where the same characters live free from the trauma of the past and the violence of the present. As the film cuts between fantastical and documentary realities, it ultimately leaves the viewer questioning which future should prevail.

Evil Does Not Exist - Q&A with Director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
May 3 (8:30pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Takumi and his daughter Hana live in Mizubiki Village, close to Tokyo. One day, the village inhabitants become aware of a plan to build a camping site near Takumi's house offering city residents a comfortable "escape" to nature.

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