NYC Short Film Showcase at New Plaza Cinema

(released 3/12/2024)

New Plaza Cinema has devoted a once a month showcase to local short films. Screenings will be held in the Maccaulay Honors College located at 35 West 67th Street in Manhattan. The March 2024 showcase will be Friday March 15 at 7:30p.m. The 90 minute running time screening is curated by Michael Jacobsohn.

The focus of the monthly event is to give NYC filmmakers a platform to share their art with the community. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. New Plaza Cinema is committed to supporting filmmakers in the art of filmmaking to keep Art Cinema Culture alive in Upper Manhattan.

This month's filmmaker's art include the following short films:

Lentini by Alessia Mandanici
Mila, a German-Italian girl, travels to Sicily for the first time since childhood to attend her grandfather’s funeral. In her attempts to reconnect with her grandmother, she is railroaded by her vibrant Italian family and their traditions.

Tee'd Off by Christopher Federico
How to survive your survival job while pursuing your dreams

La Bolita by Arian Blanco
Meet 6 year old Benny Blanco. It's 1978 and his Cuban mom recently scored an easy gig working for the local bookie, what could go wrong?

God and the Dreamer by Andrew Jason Kra
An artist has a dream with spiritual content. She paints it onto a canvas. It becomes an object of worship.

A Song For Danny by Andrew Garbus
Danny, a jazz pianist living in Austin, Texas gets an offer to sign with a big recording label in New York. Over the course of one night, Danny must decide what’s more important, his career or his relationships with those he will have to leave behind.

Shark Bite by Daniel Simon
Arthur, 60s, is dating Joan, 50s, when he catches the eye of Vince, 60s. Vince has been stealing women from Arthur since they were kids. Can Arthur hold on to Joan?

Yu Under Water by Beatrix Chu
On a hike with her American boyfriend in upstate New York, Yu encounters a Chinese backpacker who spurs a change within her.

I Don't Bite by Ben Yannette and Andy Hassell
A thrill-seeking woman and a psychopathic dentist spark an ill-fated romance.

Killer The Hooker by Nathalie Schmidt
Thriller / dark comedy series project: A French sex worker tries to leave the profession and get "normal".

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