Stephen Colbert and Kahane Cooperman - Joe's Violin screening at SVA Theatre - Feb 10, 2017
Stephen Colbert and Kahane Cooperman - Joe's Violin screening at SVA Theatre - Feb 10, 2017
Cinema Roundup for the Week of February 22

(released 2/22/2024)

Here's our list of upcoming special event type screenings at theaters in New York from February 22nd and beyond. These are the screenings that have actors, directors or producers at them to answer questions from critics and audience members. If you host an event and we missed you, please let us know -

Realm of Satan - Q&A with Director Scott Cummings
Feb 22 (7pm)
Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53 Street, Manhattan)
An experimental nonfiction portrait of the Church of Satan, a worldwide, half-century old religion dedicated to the celebration of carnality and individualism that takes Satan as its central figure. The film explores Satanists as they exist today, portraying their everyday lives and the magical rituals they engage in.

Concrete Valley - Intro and Q&A with Director Antoine Bourges
Feb 23 (6:15pm), Feb 24 (4:20pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Rashid, a doctor from Syria, struggles to adjust to his life in Canada after five years in Toronto's Thorncliffe Park with his wife Farah and son Ammar.

Fail To Appear - Q&A with Director Antoine Bourges
Feb 24 (2pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Isolde is a caseworker adjusting to the challenges of her new job when she is assigned to a man who is charged with theft and facing an upcoming court hearing. She does her best to help, but when the two meet she struggles to connect.

Paco de Lucía: A Journey - Q&A with Director Curro Sánchez Varela
Feb 24 (4pm)
Quad Cinema (34 West 13th Street, Manhattan)
Chronicles the life and career of one of the world's most celebrated flamenco guitarists, the father of Modern Flamenco, Paco de Lucía. Traveling through the decades and landscapes that informed the Algeciras genius, the Goya-winning documentary tells the story of the brilliant guitarist through several interviews conducted between 2010 and 2014 with artists of different genres who influenced and were influenced by him.

The Eternal Memory - Q&A with Producers Julie Goldman and Chris Clements
Feb 24 (4:30pm)
Firehouse Cinema DCTV (87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan)
Augusto and Paulina have been together for 25 years. Eight years ago, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Both fear the day he no longer recognizes her.

The Urania Trilogy - Q&A with Tav Falco
Feb 24 (7pm)
Anthology Archives (32 Second Avenue, Manhattan)
Follows a disenchanted American girl, Gina Lee, who impulsively travels to Vienna, the imperial city on the Danube. Quickly slipping into discreet yet decadent dalliances at Cafe Central and at the notorious Hotel Orient, she becomes embroiled in an intrigue to uncover buried Nazi plunder.

The Ones Who Live - Q&A with Producer Scott Gimple, Producers/Actors Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira
Feb 26 (5pm)
92Y (1395 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan)
An epic love story of two beloved characters, Rick and Michonne changed by a broken world, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, is the newest series in the expanding The Walking Dead universe. Kept apart by distance and an unstoppable power, Rick and Michonne seek to find each other and who they were in a place and situation unlike any they've ever known before.

Werewolves Within - Q&A with Director Josh Ruben, Actors George Basil, Wayne Duvall, Rebecca Henderson, Catherine Curtin, Michael Chernus
Feb 26 (7:30pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
When a proposed oil pipeline creates hostilities between residents of a small town, a newly-arrived forest ranger must keep the peace after a snowstorm confines the townspeople to an old lodge; but when a mysterious creature begins terrorizing the group, their worst tendencies and prejudices rise to the surface, and it is up to the ranger to keep the residents alive, both from each other and the monster which plagues them.

La Bête (The Beast) - Q&A with Actress Léa Seydoux
Feb 27 (6:30pm)
Film at Licoln Center - Walter Reade Theater (165 West 65th Street, Manhattan)
Tells the story of a young woman who undergoes a surgical process to have her DNA—and therefore memories of all her past lives—removed. In so doing, she realizes her fate has long been intertwined, for better and worse, with a young man.

Sorry/Not Sorry - Q&A with Directors Caroline Suh & Cara Mones
Feb 27 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
More than six years after the 2017 reckoning of sex and power dynamics in the entertainment industry, filmmakers Caroline Suh and Cara Mones raise provocative questions about the impact of the movement and the public's role in determining cultural "cancellation".

Hundreds of Beavers - Q&A with Director Mike Cheslik & Actor Ryland Brickson Cole Tews
Feb 28 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
A slapstick epic about a frostbitten battle between Jean Kayak and diabolical beavers–hundreds of them–who stand between him and survival.  In this 19th century, supernatural winter epic, a drunken applejack salesman must go from zero to hero and become the greatest fur trapper by defeating hundreds of beavers.

Les Misérables - Q&A with Writer/Director Ladj Ly
Mar 1 (6:10pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
A cop from the provinces moves to Paris to join the Anti-Crime Brigade of Montfermeil, discovering an underworld where the tensions between the different groups mark the rhythm.

Going To Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project - Q&A with Nikki Giovanni
Mar 2 (6:30pm) Part of First Saturdays
Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn)
A look at the life of poet, Nikki Giovanni and the revolutionary historical periods through which she lived, from the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter.

Robot Dreams - Q&A with Director Pablo Berger
Mar 5 (6:30pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
A tender, affecting tale of friendship, the animated ROBOT DREAMS is set in a 1980s NYC populated by posses of pigs, birds, cats, and other animal clans. Yet Dog leads a lonely existence, eating TV dinners in his East Village walkup. When he sees an infomercial for a robot-building kit, he seizes the chance for the perfect city buddy: Dog and Robot eat hot dogs together on 5th Avenue, rollerblade in Central Park, venture to Coney Island — to the groove of their song, Earth, Wind & Fire's "September." But when Robot gets stranded at the beach, Dog is helpless to rescue him; and, as the seasons change, they both endure a separation that will change them forever.

The Trials of Alan Dershowitz - Q&A with Director John Curtin
Mar 5 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
Alan Dershowitz is a fierce criminal defense attorney known for representing infamous clients like Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, and whose unwavering defense of constitutional rights and civil liberties is both admirable and divisive. The film explores his notable victories and lesser-known losses, as well as his court battles with one of Epstein's victims, who'd accused him of sexual misconduct.

120 BPM - Q&A with Director Robin Campillo
Mar 8 (6:15pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Members of the advocacy group ACT UP Paris demand action by the government and pharmaceutical companies to combat the AIDS epidemic in the early 1990s.

The First Class - Q&A with Directors Lee Hirsch
Mar 12 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
An intimate verité film that follows students and educators at a groundbreaking new high school in Memphis. Their inspiring journey shows what learning can look like-and accomplish-when a city comes together to rethink what high school can be.

Love Is The Message - Q&A with Director Nicky Siano
Mar 12 (7:30pm)
Nitehawk Cinema - Prospect Park (188 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn)
In 1972, The Gallery opened and for 6 years it ruled as New York City's hottest dance club. Now, for the first time in film history, you will go inside one of the hottest clubs ever, actually filmed at the club during its heyday.

Much Ado About Dying - Q&A with Director Simon Chambers
Mar 16 (6:30pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Looking after his madcap gay actor uncle, filmmaker Simon is engulfed in a whirl of Shakespeare and clutter, as uncle David lends his credit card to neighbours, greets visitors in the nude and teaches Simon a profound lesson on dying happy.

The Lost Record - Q&A with Director Ian Svenonius
Mar 17 (7:30pm)
Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue, Manhattan)
A sci-fi, rock 'n' roll, essay, fantasy film about art, music, fetish, creation, love, and records. Based on the LP "The Lost Record" by Escape-ism.

Teeth - Q&A with Writer/Director Mitchell Lichtenstein
Mar 18 (7pm)
Nitehawk Cinema - Williamsburg (136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn)
Dawn is an active member of her high-school chastity club but, when she meets Tobey, nature takes its course, and the pair answer the call. They suddenly learn she is a living example of the vagina dentata myth, when the encounter takes a grisly turn.

Riddle of Fire - Q&A with Director Weston Razooli
Mar 20 (6pm)
Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan (28 Liberty Street, Manhattan)
Three mischievous children on dirt bikes, armed with paint guns and cocky attitudes, launch an attack at a local warehouse, outwitting a security guard, and "liberating" the very latest video game console for themselves in the process. But when they get home to play, they encounter one big problem: Mom's set an airtight password on the TV. Thus begins an epic quest to discover the password, with the kids finding themselves on an odyssey more exciting than anything they could have found onscreen.

Spaces of Exception - Q&A with Director Matt Peterson
Mar 20 (7pm)
Maysles Cinema (343 Lenox Avenue, Manhattan)
SPACES OF EXCEPTION investigates and juxtaposes the struggles, communities, and spaces of the American Indian reservation and the Palestinian refugee camp. The film was shot from 2014 to 2017 in Arizona, New Mexico, New York, and South Dakota, as well as in Lebanon and the West Bank.

Limbo - Q&A with Actor Simon Baker
Mar 24 (3:10pm), Mar 26 (6pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
'Limbo' follows the investigation of a twenty year-old outback cold case murder by jaded detective Travis Hurley.

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