Cinema Roundup For the Week of November 2

(released 11/2/2023)

Here's a list of upcoming special event type screenings at theaters in New York from November 2nd and beyond. These are the screenings that have actors, directors or producers at them to answer questions from critics and audience members. With the SAG-AFTRA strike going on, there may be a lesser amount of actors at upcoming screenings. Nevertheless, here's the updated list with mostly directors. If you host an event and we missed you, please let us know -

After Yang - Q&A with Producer Theresa Park
Nov 2 (7pm)
Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, Queens)
When his young daughter's technosapien companion, the android Yang, malfunctions, Jake must come to terms with what this loss means for his family.

The Five Demands - Q&A with Director Andrea Weiss and filmmaker Khadija DeLoache
Nov 2 (7pm)
Maysles Documentary Center (343 Lenox Avenue, Manhattan)
THE FIVE DEMANDS is a riveting story about the student strike that changed the face of higher education forever. In April 1969, a small group of Black and Puerto Rican students shut down the City College of New York, an elite public university located in the heart of Harlem. Fueled by the revolutionary fervor sweeping the nation, the strike soon turned into an uprising, leading to the extended occupation of the campus, classes being canceled, students being arrested, and the resignation of the college president.

Baby Doll - Q&A with Actress Carroll Baker
Nov 2 (5:40pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Sicilian interloper Eli Wallach, steamed when his new cotton gin goes up in smoke, decides to revenge himself on suspect Karl Malden by seducing his thumb-sucking child bride Carroll Baker.

Hollow Tree - Q&A with Director Kira Akerman with moderator & filmmaker RaMell Ross
November 2 (6:30pm)
Firehouse Cinema DCTV (87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan)
Hollow Tree follows three teenagers coming of age in their sinking homeland of Louisiana. For the first time, they notice the Mississippi River's engineering, stumps of cypress trees, and billowing smokestacks. Their different perspectives — as Indigenous, white, and Angolan young women — shape their story of the climate crisis.

Barbie - Q&A with Writer/Director Greta Gerwig and Writer Noah Baumbach
Nov 2 (7pm) SOLD OUT
BAM (30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn)
Barbie suffers a crisis that leads her to question her world and her existence.

Shot in the Arm - Q&A with Director Scott Hamilton Kennedy & Exec Producer Neil Degrasse Tyson
Nov 2 (7pm), Nov 3 (7pm), Nov 4 (7pm)
Angelika Film Center (18 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Exploring the anti-vax movement both historically and in the angry political present, this vital account probes the divides and disinformation that threaten our future.

For My Country (Pour la France) - Q&A with Director Rachid Hami
Nov 3 (7pm)
Maysles Documentary Center (343 Lenox Avenue, Manhattan)
Aissa, a young officer of Algerian origin, tragically loses his life during a fresher initiation ritual at the prestigious French military academy of Saint-Cyr. As the death tears through his family, controversy arises over Aissa's funeral plans when the Army refuses to take responsibility. Ismael, his older, rebellious brother, tries to keep the family united as they fight to win justice for Aissa.

Hollow Tree - Q&A with Director Kira Akerman with moderator & filmmaker Kirsten Johnson
November 3 (6:30pm)
Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, Queens)
Hollow Tree follows three teenagers coming of age in their sinking homeland of Louisiana. For the first time, they notice the Mississippi River's engineering, stumps of cypress trees, and billowing smokestacks. Their different perspectives — as Indigenous, white, and Angolan young women — shape their story of the climate crisis.

Post Mortem - Q&A with Actor Alfredo Castro
Nov 3 (5:30pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Mario Cornejo is an unassuming state employee who transcribes notes during autopsies. Furtive and lonely, he becomes obsessed with his neighbor, a dancehall performer who is involved with a group of left-wing activists. After the 1973 coup and Salvador Allende's death, the dancer's friends are hunted down, and Mario's hospital is clogged with dissenters' bodies. The violence soon grows in Mario's psyche.

El Conde - Q&A with Actor Alfredo Castro
Nov 3 (8:15pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is a vampire who hides away in a ruined mansion at the continent's cold southern tip. At 250 years old, Pinochet decides to stop drinking blood and abandon eternal life. Despite the opportunism of his family and right-hand-man-turned-butler Fyodor Krassnoff, an unexpected relationship inspires him to devote himself to counterrevolutionary passions.

Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project - Q&A with Directors/Producers Joe Brewster & Michèle Stephenson
Nov 3 (7:15pm), Nov 4 (4:40pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
A look at the life of poet, Nikki Giovanni and the revolutionary historical periods through which she lived, from the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter.

Subject - Q&A with Director Camilla Hall and Producers Ahmed Hassan, Mukunda Angulo, & Susanne Reisenbichler
Nov 3 (6:45pm), Nov 4 (4:15pm), Nov 5 (4:15pm)
IFC Center (343 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
In the golden age of documentaries, who benefits? SUBJECT reveals the unintended consequences – good, bad, and complicated – of having your life shared on screen.

Tony Manero - Q&A with Actor Alfredo Castro
Nov 4 (2:20pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Raul Peralta, a middle-aged criminal in Chile in the 1970s, is obsessed with Tony Manero, John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever (1977). Every Saturday, he imitates his idol by leading a small group of dancers to perform at a bar in the city's outskirts. His dream of becoming a showbiz star is about to become a reality when a national television station announces a contest for the best Tony Manero impersonator.

80 Years Later - Q&A with Director Celine Parreñas Shimizu
Nov 4 (6pm) - Part of Harlem International Film Festival
Maysles Documentary Center (343 Lenox Avenue, Manhattan)
This feature documentary explores the racial inheritance of Japanese American family incarceration during World War II through multigenerational conversations with survivors and their descendants. On the 80th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 that imprisoned 120,000 Japanese Americans in World War II, families still grapple with the legacy of their experience. How does one inherit traumatic history across generations?

Bill Cunningham New York - Q&A with Director Richard Press & Producer Philip Gefter
Nov 4 (8pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
A lovely and loving documentary portrait of late, legendary NYC fixture, photographer, and proto-style blogger Cunningham who, at the time of shooting, had been documenting New York's fashionistas for over 30 years in his two regular New York Times columns "On the Street" and "Evening Hours."

You Were My First Boyfriend - Q&A with Directors Cecilia Aldarondo & Sarah Enid Hagey
Nov 4 (4:30pm, 7pm), Nov 5 (4:30pm, 7pm)
DCTV Firehouse Cinema (87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan)
In this high school reunion movie turned inside out, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo embarks on a fantastical quest to reconcile her tortured teen years. She 'goes back' in more ways than one, tracking down old foes and friends alike, and re-staging her most primal humiliations while casting herself as a teenager.

Share? - Q&A with Director Ira Rosensweig
Nov 6 (8pm)
Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan (28 Liberty Street, Manhattan)
A man awakens alone, stripped of all possessions, trapped in a bare room. Aided solely by a primitive computer, he fights to survive in a new existence where entertainment is the only currency and discover who imprisoned him, why, and if there is any possibility of escape.

Menus-Plaisirs Les Troisgros - Intro by Director Frederick Wiseman
Nov 7 (6pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
A 93-year-old director embeds inside a French restaurant that's held three Michelin stars for more than 50 years.

What Doesn't Float - Q&A with Producer Rachel Walden, Cinematographers Sean Price Williams & Hunter Zimny
Nov 7 (7pm)
Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn (445 Albee Square West, Brooklyn)
Seven stories. One city. A disparate group of characters fill out this darkly comedic anthology of New Yorkers at their wits' end. When the dailiness of urban life is suspended by an unforeseen conflict, each character must make a decision. While the outcomes vary, a unified sense of the city emerges: New York becomes a mirror to the ego reflecting our true character, while the rest sinks to the bottom.

20 Days in Mariupol - Q&A with Director Mstyslav Chernov
Nov 7 (6:30pm)
Bronx Documentary Center (614 Courtlandt Avenue, Bronx)
An AP team of Ukrainian journalists trapped in the besieged city of Mariupol struggle to continue their work documenting the Russian invasion. As the only international reporters who remain in the city, they capture what later become defining images of the war: dying children, mass graves, the bombing of a maternity hospital and more.

Mission Drift - Open discussion with Director Charles de Agustin
Nov 8 (7:30pm)
Spectacle Theater (124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn)
MISSION DRIFT follows a nonprofit art gallery worker who tries to stay afloat when a horny sadomasochistic philanthropist infiltrates the organization. An experimental essay film tinged with noir and fantasy, the work is driven by research into the sparse history of federal US arts funding since the 1930s and more recent universal basic income trials. 

Mr. Kneff - Q&A with Director Steven Soderbergh
Nov 9 (7pm)
Nitehawk Cinema - Prospect Park (188 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn)
A writer guy in 1919 Prague uses his dead-end job as inspiration for his fantastical fiction.

The American Sector - Q&A with Directors Courtney Stephens and Pacho Velez
Nov 10 (6:30pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
A cockeyed history of the fall of the Berlin Wall that never leaves American soil, Stephens and Velez's film is the result of an 18-month tour to visit all 75 US locations where sections of the wall have been placed on public display. Through interviews with the owners and caretakers of these relics, The American Sector wakens the ghosts of the Cold War, while also shedding light on certain perennial pathologies in American culture.

Orlando, My Political Biography - Q&A with Director Paul B. Preciado
Nov 10 (7pm), Nov 11 (7pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Preciado organizes a casting and brings together 26 contemporary trans and non-binary people, aged 8 to 70, to bring out Orlando of Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel Orlando: A Biography.[

A Still Small Voice - Q&A with Director Luke Lorentzen & Producer Kellen Quinn
Nov 10 (6pm), Nov 11 (4pm), Nov 12 (4pm)
DCTV Firehouse Cinema (87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan)
Director Luke Lorentzen's A Still Small Voice follows Mati, a chaplain completing a year-long hospital residency, as she learns to provide spiritual care to people confronting profound life changes. Through Mati's experiences with her patients, her struggle with professional burnout, and her own spiritual questioning, we gain new perspectives on how meaningful connection can be and how painful its absence is.

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story - Q&A with Director Alexandra Dean
Nov 11 (2:15pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Drawing on archival audio, original interviews, and home video clips, Dean's documentary biography thrillingly recounts the unbelievable-but-true story of swooningly beautiful screen siren, ardent anti-fascist, and ground-breaking inventor Lamarr, an Austrian Jewish émigré and unapologetic individualist who scandalized Hollywood by appearing nude in the 1933 Czech production Ecstasy, then socked it to the Nazis by creating a laser guidance system for Allied torpedoes.

Lumumba - Q&A with Director Raoul Peck
Nov 11 (5pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
The rousing, raging political thriller that made the international reputation of Haitian filmmaker Peck, Lumumba tells the true story of the first Prime Minister of the Congo after its declaration of independence from Belgium, Patrice Lumumba: his visionary dream of a united Africa; the stiff opposition this gained him in Europe and the United States; and his tragic, terrible assassination after mere months in office.

This Much We Know - Q&A with Director L. Frances Henderson
Nov 11 (6pm), Nov 12 (1pm)
DCTV Firehouse Cinema (87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan)
Grieving the suicide of a friend, Frances Henderson heads to Las Vegas, the suicide capital of the nation, to seek answers. There she learns about the shocking death of a local teenager who leaped from the roof of the city's tallest casino. While investigating the suicide epidemic further, she finds that the city is also burdened by a national problem scrambling to bury decades of nuclear excess in a nearby mountain. Artfully maneuvering between two stories burgeoning with existential questions, This Much We Know masterfully links these seemingly disparate subjects of self-annihilation and environmental issues into something supernatural, unforgettable, and transcendent.

Rustin - Q&A with Director George C. Wolfe & Producer Bruce Cohen
Nov 12 (7pm)
92Y (1395 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan)
This biopic illuminates not only the inspirational passion of gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin - the main organizer of the 1963 March on Washington - but the tumultuous times that led up to the event.

Beyond the Aggressives - Q&A with Director Daniel Peddle
Nov 17 (7pm)
Quad Cinema (34 West 13th Street, Manhattan)
Daniel Peddle's follow-up to his groundbreaking 2005 film The Aggressives, which was the first documentary to really center transmasculine people of color – all assigned female at birth. It followed the lives of six masculine presenting BIPOC as they sought love, happiness, and self-realization despite not always feeling included or represented by the language and culture of the LGBTQ world. Immersive and sensorial, Peddle's new film, Beyond the Aggressives: 25 Years Later, revisits four of the original subjects, catching us up on what's been going on in their lives since the first film was made.

Here's a video of a Q&A from October 28, 2023 at Williamsburg Cinemas. These are filmmakers representing their films from the "NY in Transit" Shorts Block during the 2023 Bushwick Film Festival.

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