screen cap from "Sanka: Nomads of the Mountain"
screen cap from "Sanka: Nomads of the Mountain"
Japan Cuts Starts Tonight at Japan Society

(released 7/26/2023)

JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film is being presented by the Japan Society July 26th - August 6, 2023. Showcasing 25 films, the 16th annual festival will honor actor Yuya Yadira with the CUT ABOVE award. A tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto is also planned.

Japan Society made film a key program at the Society in the early 1970's after MoMA retrospective curated by Donald Richie The Japanese Film: 1896-1969 was successful. In 2007, Japan Society Film launched JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film and it remains the largest of its kind.

This year look for five International Premieres, 10 North American Premieres, seven U.S. Premieres, three East Coast Premieres and three New York Premieres on the program.

Japan Society was formed in 1907 when two Japanese Navel ships visited New York City. Vice Admiral Toro Ijuin and General Baron Tamemoto Kuroki, heroes of the Russo-Japanese War were on the ships. It was international lawyer Lindsay Russell who was named chairman of the mayor's committee to entertain the war heroes on arrival. A luncheon was held at the Hotel Astor and the Japan Society was formally established. Leaders of business, banking and trade along with residents wanting strong cultural ties shaped policies, and facilitated exchange in the cultures until the Second World War.  Activities slowly resumed in the Society after the war and by 1952, John D. Rockefeller III led a unified vision, financial foundation and revitalized mission that countinues to inspire the organization today.

The Japan Society is located at 333 E 47th Street. Find it on google map here:

Look over the JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film line up along with Box Office ticket links here:

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