Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi
The Listener - Premiere & First Look Clip

(released 6/12/2023)

The Listener is a new feature film directed by Steve Buscemi. The film centers around Beth played by Tessa Thompson, one of many volunteers working the helplines for people in crisis. The film is a night in her life of listening to and talking to people, some who need to be talked down from ending their own life and some just calling in creepy.

Focusing on the conversation, recognizable voices include Rebecca Hall, Jamie Hector and Alia Shawkat calling in on the other end of the line. The calls are disturbing, difficult at times and transformative on rare occasion. Beth's night represents a cross section of American mental health.

Written by Alessandro Camon, the film is produced by Wren Arthur, Steve Buscemi, Oren Moverman, Lauren Hantz, and Tessa Thompson. Additional in-person screenings of The Listener will be Monday, June 12 at 5:45p.m. at Village East by Angelika and again Wednesday, June 14 at 3:25p.m. also at the Village East by Angelika.

Below is a first look clip of the film and photos from the red carpet held Sunday, June 11 at the Borough of Manhattan Community College Performing Arts Center: 

Stephanie Szostack

Bobby Soto

Ricky Velez

Richard Gere, Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi, Wren Arthur

Jane Rosenthal, Steve Buscemi

Karen Ho, Steve Buscemi

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