Ayoni, DaVionne, Alicia Keys, Jean Deaux
Ayoni, DaVionne, Alicia Keys, Jean Deaux
Uncharted Premiere with Alicia Keys at Tribeca

(released 6/11/2023)

UNCHARTED has filmmaker Beth Aala taking us behind the scenes of Alicia Keys' She Is The Music songwriting camp. This inside look into the music industry focuses on the lack of access and opportunity granted to young black and brown women.

Camp participants take center stage in the film as they try to create the next big hit song. Ayoni is from Barbados, following Rihanna's footsteps while reaching for the same stars. Atlanta's DaVionne got a break collaborating with known artists and now works on her writing and recording. Chicago-born Jean Deaux does it all on her own — writing, recording, and producing while touring with successful acts.  Go on the road, see intimate recording sessions at the camp, and hear from professional mentors including Keys who shares her experiences with the women. Keys shares her struggles and dedication to more opportunity for women in music and her desire to see them succeed.

The film had a world premiere screening Saturday, June 10th at the Borough of Manhattan Community College Performing Arts Center as a part of Tribeca Festival. The 95 minute documentary will have two additional in-person screenings at the festival on June 11 at 2:45p.m at the Village Angelika East and Tuesday, June 13 at 9:30pm also at Village East Angelika. You can also see the film by using the Tribeca at Home platform from June 19 - July 2.  You can secure your screening time here: https://www.tribecafilm.com

Below are photos from the World Premiere, June 10 at Tribeca Festival:

Alicia Keys

Director Beth Aala

Ambi Lyrics

TT the Artist

Ebonie Smith

Jean Deaux

Katie Couric

Ayana Baraka

Abby Greensfelder

Felicia Stevens

Brenda Robinson


Michelle Arkuski

Lanita Smith

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