WGA Pickets NBCUniversal Upfront at Radio City

(released 5/15/2023)

The Writer's Strike is now starting week three. Today, Writers Guild East was out on the street in front of Radio City Music Hall and the NBCUniversal UPFRONT meeting taking place. Taking up most of the city block between 50th and 51st on 6th Avenue, the sign wielding crowd of writers, actors, and supporters chanted: NBC is no good. Pay your writers like you should.

Among those out for the writers cause of fair contract pay were Actor, Writer, Producer, Dave Foley and Florida Congressman Max Frost.

Foley took interviews with press and marched in line among his fellow artisans. Congressman Frost took the bull horn and let out cheers and chants of support to the procession of picketers before his planned trip to Washington D.C.

Below are pictures and video from the start of week three, Monday, May 15, protest:

Dave Foley

Steve Waltien and Jordan Klepper

Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost (D-FL)

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