Bill Plympton and The Tune at National Arts Club

(released 4/16/2023)

On Tuesday, April 11th, 2023, The National Arts Club hosted an evening with Bill Plympton. Bill Plympton's Peculiar and Sublime World of Animated Film was the draw for a full crowd of fans of his work. "I dreamed of working for Walt Disney as an animator," Plympton recalled. That offer came later in his career and when the million dollars took a back seat to the idea of not having his say in the products outcome and ownership, Bill made a choice to keep his own voice in the art and work he produced.

On this Tuesday evening screening, the crowd was given a screening of The Tune, the first animated feature Plympton made in 1992. The film is about Del, a songwriter for the obnoxious Mr. Mega. Del is in love with Didi, Mega's secretary. Del has to write a big hit for Mr. Mega and the journey to Flooby Nooby to learn how to write songs from his heart.

The following is the Question and Answer segment of the evening following the screening of The Tune

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