Director Todd Phillips and Lady Gaga
Director Todd Phillips and Lady Gaga
Joker 2 Filming at Courthouse with Lady Gaga

(released 3/27/2023)

JOKER: Folie à Deux was filming in Manhattan on Sunday, March 26th in front of the New York County Supreme Court house. The production turned it into the Superior Court of Gotham.

The film is being directed by Todd Phillips who shares the writing credit for the film with Scott Silver. The film, based on DC characters, will once again have Joaquin Phoenix playing Arthur Fleck, the JOKER, and Lady Gaga as Dr. Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn.

Todd Phillips and Bradley Cooper are producers on the production that will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures with an October 4 release date planned. Principal photography began on December 10, 2022 as Director, Writer, Producer Phillips released a first photo look via his Instagram account announcing the first day of shooting had begun. Earlier in March, the abandoned Essex County Isolation Hospital in Belleville, New Jersey served as a filming location for the Arkham State Hospital.

On this Sunday shoot, we see Harley Quinn pass up the court steps full of protesters and observers to reach for the face of one in the crowd and give her a big kiss. Then Quinn turns, leaving to further ascend the courthouse stairs to the door. The JOKER is lurking among the crowd and watches her every move.

Here are videos of a run through with Lady Gaga getting direction from Todd Phillips and then a video of the actual scene work.  Following that are photos of and around the set.

The Joker

Lady Gaga - Harley Quinn kissing "You're Going to Hell" featured extra

movie cars - news vans and police truck

movie news vans

extras relaxing between setups

Joker 2 set at Foley Square

"You're Going to Hell" featured extra

Check out the Gotham PD badge and logo

fans and tourists watching from across the street and half way across the plaza

2 crane arms with cameras on gimbals

camera on telescoping crane

2 of many smoke machines




Joker getting refreshed while Gaga walks down the steps

Joker set in Foley Square

fake graffiti

Arkham Angels extras

cops on horseback extras

full crew and extras at the courthouse

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