Nitehawk Shorts Festival Runs Thru This Weekend

(released 3/1/2023)

The Nitehawk Shorts Festival starts tonight and runs through Sunday.  Sorry for the late notice.  Most of the screening blocks are already sold out.

Tonight's Opening Nite block at Prospect Park includes admission to the Opening Nite Party being held in the Trees Lounge, but it's sold out.  Next.

On Thursday, there is the Music Driven block, but this time it's at the original location in Williamsburg.  Obviously, it's music videos. And obviously, it's sold out.  Next.

Also that night is the Midnite block. Midnite because it's dark, sensual, spooky, or just weird, but not at midnite. Also at Williamsburg. Also sold out.  Next.

Skipping Friday.  Next.

On Saturday, there are 2 Matinee blocks.  One at Williamsburg.  You guessed it, sold out, but the one at Prospect Park still has tickets available. This block has "D As In Do Not" from Rachel Wolther who also brought us "Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone". There's "Balikbayan", from Rebecca Rajadnya, about a Filipina immigrant dealing with separation from family she left behind and the cultural disconnect to her family raised in the states. Also a New York immigrant story is "Rest Stop" from Crystal Kayiza.  There are tickets available. Get them. Next.

Sunday morning is the NoBudge block with Kentucker Audley.  Yes, sold out.  Next.

And to end the festival Sunday evening is the Closing Nite film block with an awards presentation and after party in the Trees Lounge. This is at Prospect Park. There are tickets; buy them. End.

You can tickets for the remaining 2 blocks at:

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