Filmmaker Lizzie Gottlieb
Filmmaker Lizzie Gottlieb
Lizzie Gottlieb Talks About Her "Turn Every Page"

(released 2/21/2023)

Turn Every Page, the documentary from Lizzie Gottlieb, has been screening weekly at New Plaza Cinema.  It premiered at last year's Tribeca Film Festival and has been seen at other festivals and theaters here and there since. According to Gottlieb, it should be released to select cities, around 150 of them, by Sony Pictures Classics in the near future.

Turn Every Page shows the relationship between author Robert Caro and editor Robert Gottlieb. Caro wrote The Power Broker, which was published in 1974. That book covers where the real power of New York City was hidden in plain site during one of its busiest growth spurts. That power was not with the mayors or governors, but with Robert Moses.

The documentary also covers what was originally supposed to be a 3 volume set about Lyndon B. Johnson, how it has become a 4 volume set, and currently a highly anticipated volume 5.

As the filmmaker Gottlieb is the daughter of the publisher Gottlieb, the subjects provided a little more into their personal lives than any other filmmaker may have been able to coerce. She even lets us know that both denied her initial requests to interview and create the documentary. An unexpected side of them revealed that both had contentious relationships with their fathers... as well as the subject of the books, Lyndon Johnson.

Lizzie Gottlieb speaking with the audience

The latest screening at New Plaza Cinema included Lizzie in person for a Q&A with the audience. Below is a video of that session.

For more local screenings, go to the film's website.  This week, there are more screenings at Film Forum and New Plaza Cinema.

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