Yup, Kevin Bacon
Yup, Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon's Quest For a Movie Poster

(released 1/5/2023)

There are a few ways of getting a photo or poster signed by an actor or musician or any kind of star, right?

In New York, it really is a better situation than most cities.  For actors, you might be able to get an autograph on set, but that's tough because they can be on tight schedules and the PA's are going to keep you away.

Also in New York and probably only LA, local NYC theaters will have actors do Q&A's they are promoting.  You can get an actor to sign something after one of these screenings or perhaps at a local film festival.

The other option is all of the cons.  Yeah. Big Apple Comic Con (March), New York Comic Con (October), and maybe even Co(s)mic Con in Queens (later this month January).  OK, maybe you won't get an autograph from someone famous this year at the Co(s)mic Con.

Then, there's the Kevin Bacon way of getting an autograph. Back in July 2022, actor Kevin Bacon heard that there was an old poster of his 1986 film Quicksilver.  If you haven't seen it, you can rent it on Amazon Prime or YouTube for a few bucks. So the rumor was that the poster was in an obscure location in a subway station. He documented his journey on his TikTok. Not to ruin your expectations, but it wasn't there.

So just recently, he heard another rumor that the poster was elsewhere. This place was King Kog bike shop in Brooklyn.  Bacon documented his journey on TikTok again and this time, he found it. He meets the owner and signs the original movie poster.

And that's how you get your movie poster signed by Kevin Bacon.

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