Silent Clowns Film Series is Nov 12th at NYPL

(released 11/7/2022)

Silent Clowns Film Series will continue Saturday, Nov 12, 2022 from 2:30-4:30p.m.  Taking place in person at The Library for the Performing Arts, the afternoon is free to attend. Screenings feature live piano accompaniment by MoMA's Ben Model, with an introduction and Q&A by film historians Model and Steve Massa.

In the latest silent film series, Silent Clowns, with live piano accompaniment, will pay tribute to Charlie Chaplin, focusing on his second year in films, at Essanay. Not content to have his screen character be a figure of fun, this program of His New Job (1915), By the Sea (1915), The Bank (1915), and Police (1916) illustrates Charlie's development into a comic underdog, hero, and lover. Chaplin's inspiration and hard work produced films that remain fresh and funny for audiences of all ages.

Seating for this popular event is first come first serve. The longest running regularly scheduled silent film showcase, it reaches film buffs and has introduced kids and new audiences to the silent film era.

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