8th Greenwich Village Film Festival This Week

(released 11/6/2022)

Greenwich Village Film Festival will take place November 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th from 7-9:30p.m. This 8th annual festival will be held at QUAD CINEMA located at 34 W 13th Street NYC.

It celebrates Greenwich Village as a physical place, as one of the most photogenic neighborhoods of New York City, but more important, as a creative state of mind born in a specific location that gathered like-minded people together to stimulate individual and collaborative artistic expression.

The festival mission is to honor and keep alive this sense of community and creative environment by discovering and bringing together new independent artists and their work.

The organization is formed and operated for the purpose of calling attention to social justice and economic issues in marginalized communities, advocating for cinema culture and assisting young low-budget filmmakers with resources and exposure.

The nightly film blocks will be followed by Q and A with filmmakers and After Party at the QUAD BAR.

Click here for the full festival program: greenwichvillagefilmfestival.com

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