Drew Tarver (left) acting in a scene of The Other Two
Drew Tarver (left) acting in a scene of The Other Two
HBOMax's The Other Two Filming in the Village

(released 9/29/2022)

The Other Two was filming on the street in the Village on Tuesday, September 27, 2022.  This time last year, HBOMax announced that the original series would return for a third season. The Other Two has ranked among HBOMax's most popular series since the release of season two and showed steady growth as each week, a new episode was released.

The Other Two is created, written and executive produced by Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider; Executive produced by Lorne Michaels; Executive produced by Andrew Singer, co-executive produced by Hilary Marx, produced by Eddie Michaels, Toye Adegboro and Kaylani Esparza for Broadway Video; Executive produced by Tony Hernandez for Jax Media; Executive Produced by Ari Pearce and Samantha Schles for MTV Entertainment Studios; Executive In Charge Tara Power for MTV Entertainment Studios. Directors include Chris Kelly, Sarah Schneider, Kim Nguyen, Mike Karnell and Charlie Gruet.

The show stars Drew Tarver, Heléne Yorke, Case Walker, Ken Marino and Molly Shannon. With their pop star brother, Chase Dreams (Case Walker), officially entering retirement at the ripe old age of fourteen, Brooke and Cary (Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver) must now contend with a new famous family member: their 53-year-old mother Pat (Molly Shannon), and her eponymous daytime talk show. Humiliated at being The Other Two yet again, they double down and make it their mission not to be.

Drew Tarver (in the brown Charlie Brown shirt), Chris Kelly (gray t-shirt)

Sarah Schneider (sunglasses and white top)

Drew Tarver

more Drew Tarver

and yet more Drew Tarver

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