Animation Nights NY Number 75 This Sunday

(released 9/22/2022)

Sunday, spend it with the folks at Animation Nights New York. The next program is Sunday, September 25, 2022. One day only VOD available 11 am - 11pm Eastern ONLINE. There will be mixer events, ANNY Virtual Events Space and webXR ONLINE. No headset is required and the happenings are available via MAC/PC/MOBILE.

ANNY Virtual Event Space is where you can meet filmmakers, explore 20 plus virtual rooms, experience VR 360 pieces and learn more about featured filmmakers in the Animator Interview Room. You can chat about animation, take virtual selfies, draw graffiti and add objects in this space as well. ANNY Virtual Events Space Walkthrough:

You can check out the day's planned screenings here:

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