Kevin Smith and Clerks III at the Beacon

(released 8/26/2022)

Kevin Smith is bringing the Clerks III: The Convenience Tour movie screening and Q and A to the Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side. Friday, September 9th, arrive early at the theatre located on 74th and 75th Streets between Broadway and Amsterdam. Doors open at 6:30p.m. for the 7:30p.m. feature.

Be prepared to experience the film with Sphere Immersive Sound, a new audio system at the Beacon, creating an equalizer in sound through the venue. "Sphere Immersive Sound uses 3D audio beamforming technology to deliver targeted, crystal-clear and uniform audio to every seat in the house – setting a new standard for sound quality in performance venues."

To find tickets to this Friday evening event, go here:

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