Roger Livesey, Wendy Hiller in I Know Where I'm Going!
Roger Livesey, Wendy Hiller in I Know Where I'm Going!
Restoration Screening Room Launches Online

(released 5/23/2022)

On May 9, The Film Foundation Restoration Screening Room was launched. The Film Foundation created this monthly free screening to showcase the films the Foundation has restored to date. The Foundation, created in 1990, set out to protect and preserve motion picture history.

"We're looking forward to making these beautiful restorations available to a wide audience," said Martin Scorsese, The Film Foundation founder and chair. "Many of these presentations will feature restorations that are rarely seen, with myself and other filmmakers sharing why these films are important, how they have impacted our lives, and why it's crucial that they be preserved."

The screening of I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING! on May 9th was the start of viewers experiencing a live event, with introductions and conversations with filmmakers and archivists, giving an inside look at the restoration process. The Film Foundation Screening Room will be "appointment viewing" with screenings starting at a set time and available for a limited period, distinguishing it from other streaming options.

The programming will showcase a broad range of restorations, including classic, avant-garde, independent, documentary, silent and short films from every era, genre, and region of the world. Upcoming monthly presentations include LA STRADA (1954, d. Federico Fellini), KUMMATTY (India, 1979, d. G. Aravindan), a film noir double feature of DETOUR (1945, d. Edgar G. Ulmer) and THE CHASE (1946, d. Arthur D. Ripley), SAMBIZANGA (Angola, 1972, d. Sarah Maldoror), ONE-EYED JACKS (1961, d. Marlon Brando), MOULIN ROUGE (1952, d. John Huston), LOST LOST LOST (1976, d. Jonas Mekas), and others to be announced.

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