2nd New York Sci-Fi Film Festival This Weekend

(released 5/9/2022)

The New York Science Fiction Film Festival is virtual and in-person in May. Founded in 2017 the festival will hold virtual screenings May 13, in-person screenings May 14 and virtual screenings May 15, 2022. The festival has announced a full program with film screenings, discussions and a screenplay competition.

A lifelong admirer of science fiction, Daniel Abella established the event as a center for filmmakers to display their work as part of the city's diverse filmmaking community. He noted that, "New York City has always been the perfect place to bring audiences cutting edge films that have an impact on our lives." This year's lineup consists of seven features, 74 shorts, nine screenplay entries, and spans 16 countries. Highlights include the East Coast Premieres of Exegesis: Lovecraft directed by Qais Pasha, who takes viewers on a cathartic journey through the life of author H.P. Lovecraft, and Guilhem Bertrand and Quentin Bruet-Ferréol's Extasium - A Doorway to Paradise, about an artist who builds a machine invoking the power of God.

The festival will also present several films produced in Asia with stories of the paranormal, advancements in technology, and the uncertainty of reality. "Our programming reflects many cultures and lifestyles, with a specific focus on the importance of Asian sci-fi," said Abella. "We are proud to screen films that exemplify this smartly developed form of cinema." The festival opens with The Spiral directed by Peter Wong, a feature from Malaysia about a university lecturer overcome by a deadly supernatural force. Further screenings include the East Coast Premiere of the Japanese film 12 Months of KAI directed by Mutsumi Kameyama, about the relationship between a human and a personal care humanoid, and the U.S. Premiere of Victor Villanueva's Lucid from the Philippines, which traces the impact of a woman's dreams on her waking reality. In addition, the festival will hold a science fiction and supernatural screenplay competition as a means of showing the precision and accuracy necessary to the craft of screenwriting. "The screenplay has always been the most fundamental part of the filmmaking process,” said Abella. “This competition shines a light on the significance of good storytelling."

By offering a wide range of science fiction entertainment, the festival hopes attendees will grasp the full effect of the innovative genre. "Science fiction expresses the wisdom of our blended cultures, and teaches us how to build relationships with each other," said Abella. "As we confront the issues that test us on a daily basis, we must not forget about our humanity and ability to resolve issues peacefully."

The in-person screenings will be held at The Producers Club located at 358 West 44th Street in Manhattan. Passes for all screenings are available at www.newyorksci-fifest.com.

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