2nd Annual Prismatic Ground This Week

(released 5/2/2022)

Prismatic Ground is an experimental documentary focused festival being held in person and virtually May 4-8, 2022. In partnership with Maysles Documentary Center and Screen Slate, this festival was held virtually last year, its first. It had over 6,700 unique visitors logging in from around the world to watch movies from 70 filmmakers.

The opening night will be held at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens. The opening film is Charlie Shackleton's The Afterlight. This will be an in-person only event.  You can purchase tickets here.

In person "waves" of screenings will be held at the Maysles Documentary Center with world side access available online.

wave 1: look at that round ass shit
wave 2: wings
wave 3: the memory of a memory
wave 4: open sky / open sea / open ground
wave 5: after months of total darkness
wave 6: touch me don't touch me
wave 7: to report an incident
wave 8: love as a cry of anguish
wave 9: in the prison of his days / teach the free man how to praise
wave 10: destroying the earth, over and over again
wave 11: the blessings of liberty
wave 12: industrial capitalism and the world
wave 13: i am feeling unwell

Both the centerpiece and closing night presentations will be held at Anthology Film Archives.

Centerpiece: Creative Agitation's Nuclear Family
Friday, May 6th @ 8PM at Anthology Film Archives — Purchase Tickets
(in person only)

Closing Night: Rainer Kohlberger's Answering the Sun
Sunday, May 8th @ 8p at Anthology Film Archives — Purchase Tickets
(in person only)

For the full schedule including the list of films playing in the waves at Maysles, go to:

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