Penny Lane, Kenny G
Penny Lane, Kenny G
Listening to Kenny G Screening with Penny Lane

(released 11/12/2021)

DOC NYC started Wednesday evening at SVA Theatre with 2 screenings of Listening to Kenny G. The first screening was introduced by the festival's Executive Director Raphaela Neihausen and Artistic Director Thom Powers along with the filmmaker Penny Lane.

Listening to Kenny G is part of a new series on HBO called MusicBox. This film explores the love/hate relationship between fans and critics of the music of the all-time greatest selling instrumentalist musician of all time, Kenny Gorelick, AKA Kenny G.

Penny goes into Kenny G's musical roots and career, interviews the musician, fans of his music, music professors, and radio programmers. It is a light-hearted topic even though some people have a lot of feelings about it. After watching Lane's previous work Hail Satan?, you can expect the same kind of laughs sprinkled throughout. Whether you love or hate Kenny G's music, you will appreciate his work ethic and his ability to let things roll off his shoulders.

The movie is still available today online through the DOC NYC website and will be available through HBO on December 2nd. The date is timed with the release of Kenny G's latest album New Standards.

At the conclusion of the film on Wednesday, Penny Lane and Kenny G answered questions from Thom Powers. There was even a special guest in the audience that spoke about working with Kenny G.  The whole Q&A is below along with some photos.

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Thom Powers, Raphaela Neihausen welcome and introduction

Thom Powers, Penny Lane, Kenny G

Penny Lane, Kenny G

Penny Lane

Kenny G

Clive Davis (green/black tie)

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