MUBI GO poster on a subway car.
MUBI GO poster on a subway car.
MUBI GO Launches - Includes Weekly Movie Ticket

(released 11/9/2021)

MUBI just may have come up with most innovative hybrid of the movie industry in years. They are a streaming service, production company, and film distributor, but for the cinephile.

So what they did is add a film screening at a participating theater each week and it is included in the same monthly fee. They say this pricing structure is included at the time of launch and will only be available for a limited time. The current pricing is $10.99 per month which falls in line with most streaming services. What will the price be for MUBI GO in the future? That will be interesting to find out.

This program started in New York City on October 29th.  The first movie was Passing starring Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga. This week is the film Hive from NYU alum Blerta Basholli.

Some of the theaters participating include Paris Theater, IFC Center, Film Forum, Nitehawk, and the Museum of the Moving Image.

MUBI plans on rolling this program out to other markets including Los Angeles early next year. They already have MUBI GO running in the United Kingdom and India.

To see what other films are available on their platform and to sign up, go to:

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