Fun City Cinema Chronicles 100 Years of NYC & Film

(released 10/27/2021)

There's a new book that just came out October 26th about movies and New York City.  It's called Fun City Cinema: New York City and the Movies That Made It.  The author is Jason Bailey.

The book discusses 10 films that chronicle the ups and downs of the city covering 100 years of filmmaking. The movies are: The Jazz Singer (1927), King Kong (1933), The Naked City (1948), Sweet Smell of Success (1957), Midnight Cowboy (1969), Taxi Driver (1976), Wall Street (1987), Kids (1995), 25th Hour (2002), and Frances Ha (2012).

Included in the book are interviews with Noah Baumbach, Larry Clark, Greta Gerwig, Walter Hill, Jerry Schatzberg, Martin Scorsese, Susan Seidelman, Oliver Stone, and Jennifer Westfeldt.

And since movies are a visual medium, this book also includes plenty of pictures.

You can read an excerpt about Taxi Driver on the Roger Ebert website.

The book is published by Abrams Books and is available from them and other retailers.

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