Bushwick Film Festival Runs October 20-24

(released 10/12/2021)

Bushwick Film Festival is in-person, online and in the metaverse. The festival 2021 will run October 20-24th. The Opening Night Reception will be at Lot45 from 7-9pm on October 20th. Live screenings will take place at Regal Cinemas on Saturday, October 23 from Noon till Midnight. This 14th annual Bushwick Film Festival will introduce audiences through the 5 day weekend to an NFT showcase. This curated collection of short films and panels will tackle the latest in blockchain trends.

Live events will include a full day of happy hour and networking at Circa Brewing Co, walking distance from Regal Cinemas, on October 23. On October 24, audiences and industry can tune into the festival's MOVIE INDUSTRY CONFERENCE. Screenplays are also going to be highlighted in this year's programming with readings on October 21.

The hybrid 2021 festival of in-person, online and metaverse should about cover this year's festival theme of Dimensions.

Keep this bookmarked: www.bushwickfilmfestival.com

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