Made in NY Production Assistant Training Program

(released 6/28/2021)

MADE IN NY Production Assistant Training Program can be a foot in the door for low income New Yorkers. New York City Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment in partnership with the program offer this 5 week full time training course for free. IF you are ready to learn and eager to work, this no previous experience required opportunity may be for you.

You are encouraged to read through the "APPLY" page to see if you are a fit for the program. Hundreds apply annually for the program that offers 80 slots. Applicants with Bachelor's degrees or paid production experience fall outside of the target populations for this program.

Graduates go on to drive crew to and from set, pick up production equipment, purchase production supplies and perform lock up of sets when pedestrian traffic may be a part of set.

Mondays' online information sessions are available for even more introduction and understanding of the process. To prepare and research your application, go here:

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