Donte Hoagland
Donte Hoagland
The Last OG Filming in Manhattan

(released 5/26/2021)

The Last OG was capturing scenes for it's fourth season of the TBS original series on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on Tuesday, May 25th.  Tray played by actor, comedian, executive producer Tracy Morgan is the lead in the show about Tray's life, free from a 15 year prison sentence. Released on good behavior, he returns to his Brooklyn neighborhood to find gentrification in bloom.

Tray and his former girlfriend Shay are fumbling through the now-present white husband, her children by Tray who are living in a socioeconomic place Tray cannot relate to or compete with, and his reliance on acquired prison skills to navigate his now. Tiffany Haddish, who played Shay on the show, has been reported by Hollywood Reporter as not returning for season four.

Filming took place this day at 104th between West End and Riverside. The crew was setting and rehearsing a shot of Tray's son, played by Dante Hoagland, walking up to a doorway as an exterior day shot.

Jordan Peele is co-creator and co-executive producer with Tracy Morgan on the series.

You can watch seasons 1 & 2 on Amazon Prime, iTUNES, and Netflix. You can catch season three currently streaming on

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