Image is portion of the movie poster
Image is portion of the movie poster
Astoria Filmmakers Create Pandemic Horror

(released 5/14/2021)

NYC Filmmakers Marcus Slabine and Elizabeth Piper spent two weeks of 100 percent quarantine lockdown writing a script. Quarantining in place, the two then set out to shoot the script, abiding by social distancing guidelines, THE DARK OFFERINGS films was created. Piper, in addition to co-writing, stars in the film and worked on special effects.

The film wrapped production in June of 2020 and announced as of May 10, 2021 they have completed post production.

The Dark Offerings is a horror film in the Demon horror genre.  Fangoria magazine and the Dread Central website have already started to spread the word about the film. You too can using #SpreadTheDarkOfferings.

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Check out the film's trailer below:

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